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 Jun 23, 2024
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What is the Zatrix?

(Those of you who haven't seen the movie: "The Matrix", see it first, then read this article.)

The Zatrix is like the Matrix in the movie. It is as comprehensive and as far reaching as the Matrix. It includes the folks that brought you the Matrix. Ironically, in the Matrix, humanity's hope is the Zatrix.

The Zatrix evolved well. It evolved fast.

Unlike the Matrix, more people know about the Zatrix, they just disagree about what they call it. Some of them talk about it. Others would rather not. Because, like "Cypher" in the Matrix, they think there is a lot to lose. Just like he would rather believe that he is really eating a juicy steak, we believe in the every-day-things that matter to us. We'd rather hold on to them. Who can blame us? The Zatrix has created a system where belongings are precious. Where we feel insecure without them. Some folks call it consumerism; others call it capitalism. It doesn't matter. These words are supplied to you by the Zatrix anyway, because the Zatrix also invents words and assigns meaning to them.

Some folks feel the Zatrix, but don't know it. They see how things happen just like that. How they can't happen as an accident, how they have to be orchestrated by a higher power. They just don't know who is behind them. or they don't want to know. But they do suspect, and that's important.

The Zatrix powers over people who deliver your news, people who pass laws, and people who make history. The Zatrix decides what you hear, what you read and what you see. It creates emotions for you. It makes smart brains think in not such a smart way. It tells you what to say in certain situations. It creates fog around truth, and truth around fog. It makes good people appear bad and bad people appear good. It works with bad people to bring good people down, but also works with good people to bring other good people down. It elevates entire governments to power and annihilates others in a snap. It is that powerful.

It is powerful indeed, but not perfect. In the movie, The Matrix would eventually be defeated, just in any good movie where evil must be defeated at the end. The Zatrix will also be eventually defeated. It is just harder to do so. The Zatrix learns from its mistakes fast. It does not repeat them that often. Nonetheless, its imperfection lies not in its mistakes, but in its naivety about people's memory of those mistakes. It tends to underestimate that detail.

So how do you fight the Zatrix? Know it. Be aware of it, and teach it to others. Just like in the Matrix, be careful whom you tell it to. Be very careful. The Zatrix is all over the place. You also need to learn how to be critical of what is fed to you. Read between the lines. Always ask yourself these questions: Is what I am thinking now my own thought formulation or was it injected in my brain from another source? What is that source? Who is behind the source? Who is behind the Sources' Source? Learn to be comfortable with these questions. They are the clue to fighting the Zatrix.


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