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 Jun 23, 2024
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Letter from your father:
By Mohamed Elhajjam

Essay from the heart:

Moving beyond our conventional thinking

It is absolutely necessary to move beyond our conventional thinking about who we are, and how we think as parents. Our generations and we have lot to learn and listen. Most of us who are in their thirties or forties newly married. Know just little about kids beside what we know or at least we pretend knowing.

To you my daughter: with no promises:

It is very natural to say we were born from different continents. Different cultures. I grow up with dreams to fly away like supermen. Watching my Houma disappears day after day. Some have immigrated to Europe some here, and the unlucky one is either dead with their dreams between unforgiving waves looking for an exit or trapped (that what some claims). I am not here to preach. I loved my Houma and my homeland, the motherland. My Hannine is and will be always to my Houma.

To you as you are growing up; they will be challenges to your Mom and I. Should we take you to an Islamic school that takes years to enroll if you are not from the gulf. Or should we take you to private school. To you my daughter as you bringing up joy to my family, I hope you will install some of our culture … the Houma culture. And I will be judged twenty years from now. Dreams came in various shapes and forms. You came to this world with dreams in your hand, but your Mom and I are struggling to and still looking for those dreams, but were are here to learn and listen. Here my daughter you got your own social card, something we did not have the privilege to have or own. We heard about it but still do not know until nowadays if it exist. Some claims in my Houma that social card in morocco. Expired that day you have born. I do not believe that, but sometimes I wonder how it looks.

To you my daughter as I am struggling with my ESL English trying to convey a message to my fellow countrymen. You will find it maybe immature if you are capable to read it by now.

We will speak different, I know that. But I hope we will think the same. Until next chapter. I will say to you good night

Mohamed Elhajjam

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