Feb 11, 2016
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head What Does Wafin mean?

"Wafin!" has several meanings in Moroccan. It can mean "what's up?" or "where have you been?" or "what's new?" depending on the situation. Sometimes it is used to simply say "hi."

head What is Wafin.com?

Wafin.com is the oldest and largest portal for the Moroccan American community. For the last 10 years, Wafin has grown to be a household name amongst Moroccans in America. The site allows its members to find each other, locate Moroccan businesses, discuss pertinent topics and stay abreast of Moroccan events. It also provides helpful resources and services to the Moroccan community.

head How To Contact Wafin?

If you are interested in advertising or sponsoring the site, please take a look at our advertising page. For all other inquiries please use our contact page.

Our Mailing Address is:

Gourad Media Group LLC.
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Phone: 1-203-549-0935
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