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 Dec 8, 2023
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La constitution du Maroc
Moroccan constitution in English
U.S. Constitution
U.S. Bill of Rights
Canada Constitutional Documents
Other amendments to U.S. constitution
Moroccan Ministries
Moroccan National agencies
  • ANHI Agence Nationale de lutte contre l'habitat insalubre
  • Barid Al Maghrib Moroccan Post
  • BNSTP Bourse Nationale de Sous-Traitance et de Partenariat
  • CMC Centre Marocain de Conjencture
  • OFECOffice des Foires et Expositions de Casablanca.
  • CNJA Conseil National pour la Jeunesse et l'Avenir
  • OCOffice des Changes.
  • OFECOffice des Foires et Expositions de Casablanca.
  • OFPPT Office de la Formation Professionelle et de la Promotion du Travail
  • ONCF Office National des Chemins de Fer
  • ONDA Office National des Aeroports
  • ONEP Office National de l'Eau Potable
  • ONPT Office National des Postes et Telecommunications
  • RAM Royal Air Maroc, National air travel company

  • Moroccan Political parties
  • Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP)
  • Constitutional Union (UC)
  • National Rally of Independents (RNI)
  • Popular Movement (MP)
  • Social and Democratic Party (MDS)
  • Istiqlal Party (PI)
  • National popular Movement (MNP)
  • National Democrat Party (PND)
  • Constitutional and Democratic Popular
  • Movement (MPDC)
  • Party for Progress and Socialism (PPS)
  • Front of Democratic Forces (FFD)
  • Socialist Democratic Party (PSD),
  • Organization of Democratic and popular Action (OADP),
  • Party ofAction (PA)
  • Democratic Party of Independence (PDI)
  • Movement for Democracy (MPD).

  • Embassies, councils and internal organisations representations in Morocco
    Direction de la Politique Economique Générale
    US Embassy in Morocco
    Office D'Exploitation des Ports
    Bank Al Maghrib
    Ministry of Equipment and Transportation
    Minstry of Justice
    Ministry of Planning and Economic Development
    State Secretariat for Postal Service and Information Technologies
    Directorate of Foreign Investments
    Ministry of Justice
    Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes
    National Office of Airports
    Office of Ports Utilization
    National Council of the Youth and the Future
    State Secretariat of Housing
    National Institute of Agricultural Research
    National Office of Fisheries
    U.S Embassy in Morocco
    SOS Children's Villages Morocco
    Japan Embassy in Morocco
    Embassy of Morocco In Mexico
    Al Maghrib Assiassi
    Information center of the United Nations for Morocco
    Département du commerce et de l'industrie
    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
    Ministry of National Education and Youth
    Minister of Energy and Mining
    CCISA Chamber of Commerce industries and services of casablanca
    AURS Agence Urbaine de Rabat-Sale
    Embassy of Morocco In Brazil
    Communauté Urbaine de Casablanca
    Embassy of Morocco In chile
    German Embassy in Morocco
    Agence Urbaine D'Agadir
    ONE Office National de l’électricité L’ONE
    CNSS La Caisse Nationale de securite Sociale
    MCRP Ministère des Relations avec le Parlement
    AUSF Agence Urbaine et de Sauvegarde de Fes
    ONIGT The National Order of Engineers Geometricians-Topographers
    ENSSUP Ministry of the Higher Education, Scientific Research and Management training
    Morocco Embassy in Sweden
    SEFSAS Secretariat of State In charge of the Family, Solidarity and Social Action
    SEFSAS Secretariat of State In charge of the Family, Solidarity and Social Action
    ERAC Regional establishment Of Installation and construction for Souss-Massa-Draâ
    Ministry of culture
    Morocco Embassy in Italy
    SNU System of the United Nations in Morocco
    AUC Agence Urbaine de Casablanca
    Morocco Embassy in Netherlands
    DCEM Delegation of the European Commission in Rabat,Morocco
    Morocco Embassy in Portugal
    Norway Embassy in Morocco
    CRTS Royal center of Celedetection Space
    ONIGT National order of the Engineers Geometricians-topographers
    MPM Ministry for Maritime Fishing
    MNE Levelling of the Economy
    ACFCC Administration of the Land Conservation of the Land register and the Cartography
    E-Gouvernement Morocco
    Transparency Morocco
    Marocains du Monde
    LOARC Official laboratory of Analyses and Chemical Research
    Communauté Urbaine de Nador
    Communauté Urbaine de Taroudannt
    SOS Villages d'Enfants Maroc
    TGR General Treasury of Morocco
    MCE Ministry of Commerce
    ARTESNET Department of Craft industry and the social economy
    EAUX ET FORSTS Office of the High Commission With Water and Drills
    Morocco And United Nations
    Parliament of Morocco
    Administration of Tourism, Morocco
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