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 Feb 23, 2018
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Mostapha Saout  [ September, 2003 ]
Mostapha  Saout
Born in Casablanca, Morocco. Attended the  University of Paris X in France. Received degree: "License des Science Economiques". Then attended and graduated from Seattle University in Seattle, Washington: MBA- Marketing.

Mostapha Saout has played a leading role within the Arabic Language radio and TV network "Arab Network of America" since 1991. He has been instrumental in expanding their coverage across the US. He is an expert on issues relating to community outreach, thanks to a long work experience with community and business organizations across the country. He has participated in voter registration drives. He has worked on several campaigns reaching out to the Arab American and other ethnic communities for various companies and organizations, such as the  US Census, the US Justice Department, the US Treasury Dept, Western Union, MCI WorldCom, AT&T and others.

Acquired a thorough knowledge of the ethnic and multicultural marketing, he is familiar with ethnic media dynamics, its relevance and penetration, knowledge of major community organizations and relevant community leaders and activists. He has founded Allied Media Corp. six years ago as a springboard for outreach to both Arab American, south Asian and other ethnic communities in the US.

Mostapha Saout has been speaking to the US media, various government agencies and other not for profit organizations on how best to communicate with the Arab and  Muslim world. The Importance of certain symbols, choice of words, relevance of particular cultural items.

Mostapha has also been visible in public speaking about the Arab and Muslim media, its coverage, its tone and perspective, as well as how the US is portrayed abroad and what it can be do to present an alternative and positive image.

M. Saout has been featured in the Wall Street Journal
National Public Radio,
Fox News,
CBS Radio Network
and other media outlets.

Mostapha  Saout
Allied Media Corp.
5252 Cherokee Avenue, suite 105
Alexandria, VA 22312

Email: [email protected]

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