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 Jun 23, 2024
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Forgotten Moroccan Heroes.

By Luc Ferier

In the context of the next centenary of the first world war,  our non-governmental independent Belgian Foundation " forgotten Heroes  14-19" are responsible for the establishment of an international exhibition, under the academic supervision of Dr. Eugene Rogan, which aims to pay tribute to the originating soldiers of North Africa .


In this exhibition , Morocco  will hold an important place, as you can see by browsing through our brochure  on the following address:

(About 63.000 Moroccan soldiers participated and more than 15.000 lost their lives)


The testimony of the descendants of  these veterans who took part in the conflict and who have heard their ancestors  talking of this war or still have documents (letters, photos, etc.) are therefore of crucial importance.


This is why we ask your help to inform your contacts with ancestors from North Africa, about our project, and if they have information that can help us to complete our research, to contact us.


lf they want to perpetuate their memory and awareness of their sacrifice, we invite them to contact the Foundation «For8otten Heroes 14-19» through the following email address: .

 lf you have photos, letters or any other document, please share them with us as well !!

We thank you on behalf of these thousands Forgotten Heroes.

Luc Ferier

President “ Forgotten heroes 14-19 Foundation” vzw

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