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 Jun 23, 2024
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Help Imane

By Tarik
Help-Imane Imane is a young Moroccan girl who is in need of our support and prayers! I received a call from a friend a couple of weeks ago who informed me about her situation; Imane was in coma for 6 months after a tragic car accident! it happened around a time in which we lost a very close friend to most of us down here( Reda allah yrahmo) and her accident was kind of overshadowed by his death may his soul rest in peace. Doctors told us that she has come a long way and she is really fighting to get on her feet again. Like many others, Imane came in pursuit of a better life, continuing education.. Yet God had other plans for her. Shortly after relocating from Orlando to Boca Raton, Imane was involved in a car accident which no one anticipated she would survive. But the strong person she is, she never gave up, she fought, went through dozens of surgeries.. Her mother came a long way from morocco to be by her side all this time. The hospital has decided that their job was done and Imane needs some extensive therapy and needs to leave the hospital today. In the past few days, the word spred out and the Moroccan community came together to show support and help. Imane left the hospital today. Her and her mother are temporary staying in a hotel till we are able to locate a rehab facility who would accept treating the "non insured Imane", after we do so, then we will get Imane and her mother a convenient place where they can stay. The mighty health system is being who it is, and the helpless Imane and her mother were teeth less knowing their rights in a corporate insurance greedy law. Let's come together as we should. It could have been any of us. Help with whatever u can, a deposit, a prayer, a word of mouth... She needs us!!

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CMILLER11 : Salam Alaikum,

Please have someone contact Muslim Social Services at Masjid Ah-Rahman in Orlando Florida.

MSS Location: 1460 N. Goldenrod Road, Suite 105, Orlando, FL 32807

Telephone: (407) 250-5822
Fax: (407) 273-0266

They have an extensive list of ways to try and help, including a clinic for low income that can make referrals, InshaAllah.

Also if she needs an Attorney for the car accident and to fight for medical benefits, she can call the Florida Bar Association for pro bono attorneys, and their is also CAIR in Washington DC - Council on American Islamic Relations, they are a group of attorneys that act on civil rights, but may be able to assist in free legal advice.

I live in Kissimmee and if there is anything I can do for this sister, meals, rides, ect, please forward me her contact info. my email is

I will continue to make Du'ah for her Insha-Allah.

"Allahumma Rabb Al-Nas ath-hib al ba'asa wa ishfini anta al-Shafi la shifa'a ghaira shifa'oka shifa'on la youghadiro soqman".
Oh Allah!Lord of all people, send away this hardship (sickness) and cure it you are the Curer and there is no cure but yours, the cure that doesn't leave (out) any ills
houstonianx : Tarik milwaukee perhaps ? Anyways that is irrelevant but that was a great initiative of you to step up to the plate and send the message across about Imane. I ask Allah to give her a quick recovery and to give her family the emotional strength to deal with this calamity. Just off the record, last time i checked there were roughly a little over 100 000 Moroccans in the U.S. That being said,if each one of us donates just one dollar, Imane would collect 100k to help her get back on her feet. And then i would urge you miss Imane to collect the funds and go back home and dont you give a rats ass about no hospital bills.
ahmed in la : I pray for her and we will put the word out.
taking Imane out of the hospital might have been a huge mistake! I do not know what circumstance were around that move and who allowed it
! her hospital bills will be in the thousends and no community effort would repay that. having her remain in the care of the hospotal, a hospice or a county or state care facility would have been a wiser drecision. please ask your local hospitals and care facilities if there are insurances covering low income induviduals, ask the school where she was enrolled if there was a coverage and see if her fiance, GHEMZA, OUFHEMRSEK, if they were to hurry up and get married, whether she could qualify for a spouse coverage, Obama Care, or the like.
my anderstanding is that if she was to be admited to any emergency room, hopefully of a good hospital, that she could not be turned away and that her financial sitIation woild not be relevant uppon admition!
don't forget to open a bank account in her name and to post a phone number of someone in charge.
thank you.
3eyyet 3liyya la9dert n3awen.
allay shafiha wiydir liha tawil dyal lkhir.
tufayyur : Flordia has a habit of not helping people who do not have insurance. There are states which will help Imane until she recovers. Los Angeles will help her, you need to get her there. They do not turn down any illegal immigrants whatsover, so they will help her. She needs to go there as soon as possible. I had no insurance in Los Angeles and I received plenty of help.
New York would help her also but the cost of living here is bad and there is no work, not recommended.
Meri :

Salam. That is the link to a facebook page that was set up to help Imane.
They really need all the help they can to help Imane.
A bank account was opened in the name of Imane's mother, and all the money is deposited there.
The hospital where she was treated discharged her: they didnt want to keep her longer as she needs rehab treatement.
The moroccan community in Florida is coming together to help her, but they need the help of all Moroccans accross the US. And as was said, with only $1 given by each person, a young person can be given back the chance to walk again and have a normal life.
Please go to facebook . Check the page and like it..get it touch with the admin if you have any idea or advice. this is a joint effort, and we have to help Imane, and help each other..
Allah ijazikoum bikhair.
Moroccomia : Thank you so much Tarik for raising awareness about this tragic event.
I've spoken to her mother and received some updates.
Without divulging private information, I would just like to say that this family still needs a great deal of help. The mom came from morocco and has been trying to tend to legal and medical issues for her daughter.
It's a very sad and heart breaking story the lawyer that is representing them has not provided them with a proper translator so the poor mom has been trying to find representatives here and there when they can to translate for her moroccan to English and English to Moroccan. The lawyer hasn't been very helpful and is more consumed by getting settlement money than helping this poor family. A friend of mine is a lawyer and is acting as an advocate for her and I'm translating between them. I do live in Atlanta but if there's anyone in the boca raton area that speaks moroccan and can meet with her or go to their lawyer meetings this would be really helpful. Please email me at Anything helps.
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