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 Jun 23, 2024
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Should the Niqab be forbidden?

By The Wafin Team

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ahmed in la : NGAB, or ghost costume should be banned in the Western world and I throw my full support behind the prohibition. It is accepted, welcome and allowed in Muslim and Arab countries, in some Asian and African nations and territories as well as other parts of the world. That is fine with me too. Driving with NGAB is as a ridiculous an idea as they come and requesting and insisting on having an id card or the like with one of these ghost pictures on it, should be forbidden, worldwide. If the universe creator had intended to veil a womanís face in the fashion that NGAB advocatesí claim, than hair, normally found in other parts of a womanís body, would have grown on her face.
The way the the West is fighting the universe, leaves no room for arguments; the loons are, way, beyond rehabilitation and continuing to aggravate them, makes matters worse for the believers.
For the ones who disagree, immigration to Iran and Saudi Arabia is still open!

HMEYDA, live and well.
Kenitra : I have couples of things to say about this topic. First off, I can understand a nonmuslim arguing against the Niqab. But to see Muslims trashing the Niqab like the lady on the above video and this guy Ahmed is indeed frustrating.
Let's not †look at it from a religious perspective. Just as women here in the west and in Arab countries CHOOSE to walk half naked showing their bodies. I think that Muslim women are just as entitled to cover their whole body if they CHOOSE to. Why called her a ghost or a mobile prison????? That's her choice and religious duty.†
It's very unfortunate that people associate Niqab with oppression. Even if it wasn't required by religion, I don't see any problem with a women covering her body from head to toe if she wanted to. †That's her choice and her freedom!
ahmed in la : Kenitra, I only have one question for you; does any close female family member of yours, such as your mom, sister, wife, fiancť, girlfriend or your daughter dress like this Heba Ahmed woman?
And if your answer is yes, at what age will you make your daughter dress like that and how would you expect to have her meet someone and get her married off?
I have seen prostitutes wearing hijab and I have seen Western-dressed Moroccan women as political, social, academic and community leaders!
So if the French are credited with the valuable proverb: líhabit ne fait pas le moine, why wouldnít they regulate ridiculous dress codes like ghost costumes?
kenitra : no one in my family chose to wear the niqab. what i m telling u is simple . u CANNOT criminalize wearing it. It is a personal choice. Period.
If you do criminalize it, then you should also fine girls that wear bikinis at the beach or miniskirts and so forth.

elmajed : Under the US Constitution dress code is a protected speech and will not pass master if it goes all the way to the US Supreme Court. When you see discussion like that on western Media is just a sheep shot at the Muslims in General, why not go after those Orthodox Jews who live in Brooklyn, some 200,000 of them who wear and follow some relogious rules who seem to be weard and outdated for some Americans. And other religious Groups and Cults somewhere else in America. This is a sheep shot at Islam and should stop this kind of Discrimination and Isolation of some Americans just because they look diferent and have certain beliefs. Don't forget this statement made by a contitutional Schoolar after Sept 11's events: "AS LONG AS THE COURTS ARE STILL OPEN, I'M STILL HOPEFULL IN THIS GREAT COUNTRY."

Thank you.

ahmed in la : Elmajed,

The courts are open indeed and, some critical ones, are filled with Zionists, bigots and universe haters. You, the constitutional scholar and the rest of this country, should be very, very worried.
Your mention of Jews in New York is inappropriate; you are wrong and you should apologize.
When the killers of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the killers of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy are exposed, when the liars come forward and admit that they never set foot on the moon, when we shake off Israel as an American welfare state, when we refrain from evil deeds toward the rest of humanity and Godís creations, you could then be hopeful about your future in, presently, one of Satanís last refuges!


I traveled from SOOU9 SSEBT to SSI TTEYBI and lived in the U.S. for 25 years and I can tell you that most women, normal ones that is, did not dress like this Heba woman. If the females in your life donít dress like that, then you should not defend this dress code in the Western world.

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