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 Jun 23, 2024
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Delusions of a Moroccan American

By Ahmed Dmini
Delusions-of-a-Moroccan-American I admit that I am running out of ideas, that I am becoming delusional and that I am becoming more forgetful. Is it old-timers decease? Is it complacency, lack of mental exercise, carelessness, indifference or mental fatigue?

Since I am running out of ideas and would like to keep myself relevant, I concocted this ruse to jerk some response out of you and to feel that I am among a (live and well crowd). By the time, and if I ever, produce any creative intellectual work, my name would be already out there and I would find an initial receptive audience, assuming first frenzy of consuming my work. Especially that this intended work is about you, from you and to you, 21st century homo sapiens, born in Morocco and dying in the U.S.
I find myself in a vacuum of ideas, unable to create something new, but bent on using the material at hand; the Aragana event. It has been a while since I commented on the Aragana video, hoping that I will see other comments which would condone or condemn the act as well as comments as to what I had written. I embrace my favorite website in my daily ritual, fishing for things to preoccupy my mind during this complete void. Nothing! I check the next day, yet, nothing! What happened to my people?
I content myself with other trashy news such as:  Obama is celebration his propagandal victory over, at least, three empty-shelled candidates,  in the sprint for the white house, BSing us about 67 lines, he BSed the Hispanics with an illusionary amnesty and expects to BS Arabs and Muslims with a false premise for Palestinians. Bin Laden, supposedly, dead again or dead for good or maybe.  IMF, raping Asia, Africa and South America, for decades, caught in the act in New York and on and on and on.

Other worthwhile news such as: Ron Paul, is on again, hopefully, not a ran too, this time, my other hero, Ralph Nader has not surfaced again, OUZID OUZID, HETTAL SIDI BOUZID. Yet, none of you my dear Moroccan countrymen (women), commented on the Argana events for, apparently, one the following reasons:

1.      You are in the U.S., far from MERRAKESH and you have nothing to do with the events.
2.      You are so shocked that you are unable to snap out of it.
3.      You are so out of politics that you would rather not get involved.
4.      You are in a wait and see mode, until the mud settles before you could form an informed opinion and share your thoughts.
5.       You don’t care or the events do not rise to a significant level in your daily interests.
6.      You are a follower, who sympathizes with victims, recite and repeat the usual and worth uttering: HASBIA ALLAHOU WA NI3MA LWAKIL and LA HAWLA WALA 9OUWWATA ILLA BILLAHI AL 3ALIYYI AL3ADIM.
7.      You know nothing, heard nothing, seen nothing.
8.      Or other reasons beyond my awareness.
To which ever category you belong to, you remain a Moroccan and you remain affected by the event, one way or the other.
Since I left Univercitee Mohammed V des Etudes Judiciaires at in 1985 at 20 years-old, I had nothing to do with Moroccan politics and I do not care. I am not aware of what ideal system should be followed, as the prophet, (SAAW) must have said, KAYFA COUNTOUM, YOUWALLA 3ALAYKOUM! And any WALLI ALAYKOUM, includes, representatives, the authorities, the judicial system, the government employees, the political parties, the social and civic institutions, religious bodies, etc,,you get my point.

So what is the point of this particular contribution? It is obviously a reminder to employ your senses and to enlighten ones who might have fallen into hibernation, momentary or permanent.
Morocco is an active volcano, puffing and huffing, smoking and growling. Events could unravel at any moment and we would not know about them. We owe it to ourselves to stay in touch, stay involved, inform and stay informed. We all know that the system is loved my millions as much as we know that the system is criticized by others. We do not have to take sides and we do not need to take part. We all remember that we were the ones who got on planes and deeded our right to Morocco to others and we were, thankfully, ones who reached safer grounds. BINATKOUM ABIDAWA, BLEMMAS OULA BEL9ERTAS! The surprising part is that my favorite website, one which I am subscribed to, to stay informed and to no fault of its own, did not contain any follow ups to events taking place before, during and after Argana.

Hence, I need your help in clarifying the matter to me. I live in Los Angeles, far from the east coast and even farther from LEBLAD.
So my questions would be as follow:
1.      What is going on in Morocco? And how do we stay informed?
2.      What is going on with the inter-faith relationships and is Islam dead, crushed by secular agendas and the denial of God?
3.      What is going on with us as, an ex-patriot community and how do we stay united?
4.      Is America gone mad and is it the end of the founders’ dream and did the hungry Irish, belli-full, thinking, LKERSH 3EMRAT, AJI TGHENNI ARASI?
5.      America hanged Saddam, sank Osama, bombed M3ammar, back stabbed Hosni, denied Hamas, pressured  Musharraf, fabricated Karzai, accepted Tunisia and winked, winked at Netanyahu.
6.      Is America after Islam, Arabs, Moroccans, all some or what and what are its plans for Morocco?
7.      Is America driven by the wrong ideology and do historical events of holocausts, inquisitions and persecutions have any thing to do with us?
8.      Is the instability or stability in Morocco part of America’s security and survival?

In an unrelated subject and for the sake of information only, I asked the head of the U.S. consulate in Casablanca a question, few weeks ago, which I would like to inform you off. Ms. Nahal Kazemi,  , a believer in evolution and a Los Angeles Iranian American.

“ Given the economical and social situation in Morocco and knowing that statistics indicated that, in one year alone, 4000 Moroccans lost their lives attempting to cross the Gibraltar Straight, would those considerations factor into your decisions in granting more visas to Moroccans?”. She had hinted to the consulates screening process and its awareness of fraud and such!

Ms. Kazemi answered in a manner defensive of the U.S’s inability to accommodate every disadvantaged human in the world! During her address to the community, she reminded us, to our surprise, that the U.S. was Morocco’s oldest friend!

I thought to remind Ms. Kazemi of the millions of Iranians, Armenians, Salvadorians, Koreans, Mexicans, Coptics, Philippinos and others given refuge in the U.S., especially that Iran manifests itself as the U.S.s latest enemy, while Morocco remains the U.S.’s oldest friend and ally.
Should the picture be reversed? Aren’t we worthy to immigrate and live here?

Did our values, ideology, principals and qualities, suddenly shift and we are now America’s enemy. Well maybe it is America which has changed and we are no longer dealing with an old friend, but rather and old enemy of humanity who has inhibited this innocent country and inhibited its honest people.

Than i thought about SOMMOM WA BOUKMOUN and knew that I would be wasting my energy. Islam, Arabs and us, are sacrificed and there is probably no hope in convincing SOUMMOUN WA BOUKMOUN in changing their minds or supporting LHA99!
I find myself repeating the previously mentioned prayers…

By a free soul in an imprisoned body.

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robinrachid10 : Very well said !!!!!

Rachid, NYC.
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