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 Feb 17, 2018
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10 year old badly beaten by principal

By Joseph delasalle


A ten year old Moroccan student, Ismail Aati, was beaten up so badly by his school director that he suffered a foot fracture ; this in spite of Morocco’s ratification of  the 1989 International Convention of the Rights of the Child.

The director of the “ Groupe Scolaire Ouhoud” located at  50 Plage Avenue, Ain Sebaa, Casablanca, Morocco,  used medieval practices to punish and oppress a child entrusted to his care. With the help of two adults, he tied up the student to a table, and using a stick, proceeded to hit the child’s feet. He stopped only when he noticed swelling of a foot.

 Ismail is now traumatized and presents all the symptoms of school phobia.

We would like to bring this inhuman behavior to the attention of His Majesty, Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, so that Ismail gets justice and that no other child suffers from such brutal and unlawful treatment.

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meroutre : An attorney is ready to take this case probono and make sure thsi criminal is punished
love231 : Dear Meroutre,
Here are my info
Josepd Delasalle,
[email protected]
Thank you.
billal : i doubt there is none suffered all that kind of the abuses in the Moroccan schools,i am close in 40ies and i still carry all the hate to those who abused physically or emotionaly in school i wish i could do to them what they to me when i was a kid,unable to defend for myself.They think children or kids cuz their small ages they wont remember or understand,they forgot tht any child is a man ,cant forget any small thing,they are very rational when it comes to children of the police,lawyers,judges or whoever rich,but they beat the others who come from the poor families,i dont know if school for teaching or for torturing such any torture in a police office,i dont know why such violence can be tolerated in schools and with young children?????
zman : These are some of the abuses I had to endure myself when I was in school especially CM2 . I hated the teachers (Arabic, French). We had to be punished for not memorizing “ La chevere de Mr. Seguin”. These methods are barbaric and damaging to the children. This principal or teacher needs to be brought to justice or endure the same punishment in front of the class. Lucky it’s not my kid or a kid of any of my friends or relatives otherwise I would have given him a piece of my mind.
hamdoun : And we call ourselves Muslims... The prophet PBUH has never hit a kid his entire life. This principal knew that the likelihood that someone would take legal actions is slim to none. Allahoma hada monkar.
lailak : Salam all! I feel sorry for Ismail. That a serious injury and his parents need to do sth about it. Definitely, he might be lucking some discipline for speaking impolitely to the assistant in the school bus.
He should have been punished not by beating him but by other civilized means like restricting him play time during break time. Physical abuse never disciplines kids they will only become worst. The only way to discipline them is to take away things they like.
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