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 Dec 11, 2017
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The Moroccan American community - Realities and Challenges

By Nadia Serhani

Salam Friends,


I hope this email finds you well.


As part of the CCME agenda, and given the many issues our community has to face and overcome, I decided to work - in collaboration with interested community members- on a Country Strategy that would present a clear and current image of our lives as Moroccan citizens residing and living in the US. 

If you agree to share your personal vision and take on the question, please do so by answering the following:

1.  What major items (up to 10) would you like to see change for the Moroccan community in the US? (Immigration, retirement, healthcare, remittance, consular affairs, transit, death/birth, women's affairs, elderly, children and 2nd generation, legislation, education, employment, non-profit.....) And any other topics you deem necessary to discuss.

2.  What potential solutions do you think can be implemented to remedy the situation? 

Please feel free to share with community members interested in participating in improving our community's welfare and advancing its agenda.

Thank you.


Nadia Serhani,
703 577 5317

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newyorkaise : This is the sort of thing that frustrates many Moroccans here in the US. For yeaaaaaaaaars now, we have been (a huge majority of us) have been complaining about the rising RAM prices, we've signed petitions, we've emailed la RAM as well as other people and organizations, but nothing was done! And now Mrs.Sarhani, who represents Moroccans here in the US, comes out and asks what is it that concerns us the most?! are you serious?
How about we deal with what we have been complaining about for (again, i repeat) yeaaaaaaaaaaars and then you can ask us and once we have confidence in you and in the fact that its not just bla bla that looks good for you but that it will actually give solutions!
For instance:
1.rising airfare to/from Morocco
2.better organized festivals in the US showcasing our culture, and no, Im not refering to the once in awhile disorganized caftan shows. Im talking about film festivals and such.

and one more comment, Mrs.Sarhani, you mention that 'Moroccans who live and reside in the US'......Live and reside is the exact same thing! You cant live and not reside in the US, it kind of makes no sense.

I apologize for coming off as shewiya not-nice but Im tired of how once in a blue moon, a Moroccan representative shows up and asks: anything I can do to help?!

sword :  Thank you Ms. Serhani for volunteering your time to invite the readers to participate in your Combaya.
Moroccans out here work very hard to make a living; blame them not when they moan in envy that their civil servant, a consulate officer that is, sits on his hand doing absolutely nothing, while enjoying a lucrative remuneration, sending his kids to some expensive schools at the expense of the Moroccan treasury.

The horror stories you will hear can be confirmed when somebody with courage decides to step out of the shadow and file a beefy federal complaint to shake things up a bit. You will hear from the guy who sent several e-mails and phone calls to the consulate so as to expatriate the body of his deceased father. After several weeks waiting, the poor guy decided to pay funeral expenses and burry him here.

You will hear complaints, people mailed their national card fees and their passport fees with all required documents more than a year ago; and had called the consulate to follow up. They have yet to receive a courtesy call back.

People who have visited the consulate in New York were disappointed, how lax, even rude reception they received! Without exception, I have yet to meet a Moroccan individual who has expressed but a grave resentment and suspicion toward their civil servants in New York.

I have personally nothing against the consulate or its representatives; as a matter of fact, I have extended my wife’s passport through the mail with a reasonable delay. I have also had changes made to my family civil book, after only a few grudging phone calls; fortunately some one answered my call. I have also visited the consulate staff in New York; well they did not throw flowers my way, or served me tea in kissan hayati [say it; my standards are too high]. To the contrary, the civil servants at the consulate have shown as much enthusiasm and eagerness, as the irate guys in Home Depot.

If you really want to help your community, lobby for a legal fund to help your sisters who are in shelter for abused women; or a legal fund for your brothers who are incarcerated for vagrancy and other petty offenses. If you really want to help, lobby for funds for those Moroccan students who can no longer afford their tuition and resort to prostitution until they get picked up by the authorities and get deported; lobby for funds to send the remains of the deceased Moroccans back home. It is a shame, when the body of a Moroccan citizen becomes frozen in a meat locker for months until the city hall decides to dispose of his remains, by court decree; seeking of course what else, an order of cremation. It is a greater shame that consular representatives ignore people’s plea for help under those circumstances.

If you really want to help, volunteer your Combaya song where it belongs, in kids’ camp. In this neck of the woods, the average Moroccan escaped the very tyranny of his/her government; he will not leap to his feet to dance to your Combaya; or even hum to it. You can chew garlic to eternity, Ms. Serhan, but don’t seek the “Moroccan community’s” mouth to do it.

Footnote: [Just between you and I, Ms. Serhani, I am ashamed to use “kiss ass” before our audience and therefore, used “chew garlic” instead; please keep it hush hush, do not share it with any one, especially with the civil servants of the Moroccan government]
modibo : Let's give this lady, who is trying, as it appears to help the Moroccan community. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt. I just hope that this initiative was taken, not for personal gain but rather to help her fellow Moroccans living here in the US.

Like the previous comment, I think the RAM and the issues surrounding it's work ethics, customer services, exorbitant prices and their greed affect almost all of us Moroccan here. With all these issues, we tend to give our money to other "foreign" airlines. This is a double edge sword. The RAM does NOT benefit from our money and we make our trip longer and hectic.

In my opinion, I think la RAM need to cater to us and listen to our concerns and try to solve all these issues. In the long run it would benefit us and la RAM.

Another issue that should be tackled is regarding all the paperwork that sometimes we need to and from the Moroccan consulate. There are Moroccan all over the states, some are close to the consulate, others are extremely far away. The consulate makes it harder for us on many issues. Sometimes what they do is not logical. For instance, there used to be (not sure if it still exists) that if you marry in the US, and in order to get the Moroccan certificate of marriage, you needed to come to the embassy with 2 "witnesses" with Moroccan ID's. This is absurd. If you live in Hawaii, it is time consuming for starters and where can you come up with witnesses. I think the Moroccan consulate SHOULD recognize the US certificate of marriage and a certified copy of it must be enough for them to issue a Moroccan one. After all, why do consulates exist? I thought because they lift the burden on their citizens living abroad...but I think ours adds to it.

There are so many other issues with the consulate, I am sure many of the readers can come up with some problem(s) that they have encountered while dealing with the consulate.

Thank you Miss Serhani for this initiative. I wish you all the success.
idriss : Issue number 1: Lack of access to the Moroccan Embassy by a lot of Moroccan Americans


Since there are only two embassies in Washington DC and New York City, a lot of Moroccan Americans living in different areas of the US find it difficult to have an access to the Moroccan embassy. Most of them have to travel long distances from different states of the US in order to be able to reach a Moroccan embassy.

Solution 1:

The Moroccan Embassy has to create a revolutionary online platform called “Smart Embassy Platform”. Through this platform, Moroccan Americans living in different parts of the US can apply for a new passport, new ID, and any document they need. Once the application is accepted, officials from the Moroccan embassies in DC and NYC will have to send the documents via mail to the people who have applied online for those documents.

Solution 2:

Each month a mobile unit from the Moroccan embassies will have to organize a tour in the different major cities of the different states of the country. Through this tour officials from the embassies will have to provide any necessary documents needed by Moroccan Americans.

Issue number 2: Difficulties faced by the new Moroccan Immigrants when they first come to the US


A lot of new Moroccan immigrants who come to this country face tremendous difficulties when it comes to finding a decent employment and housing. These difficulties tend to have a negative impact on the morale of these immigrants.

Solution 1:

The Moroccan Embassy in the US has to create a sophisticated online platform called “Opportunity for all Moroccan Immigrants”. Through this platform Moroccan and any person of Arab descent who owns a business in the US can post job openings. New Moroccan Immigrants can apply directly to those job openings. In addition to this through this platform immigrants will get access to the different job sites available in the internet.

Besides this online platform, the Moroccan embassy will have to create another online platform called “Housing for all Moroccan Immigrants”. Through this platform new immigrants will have access to information related to renting houses and apartments from Moroccans Americans and people of Arab descent living in different areas of the US. Through this platform new immigrants will also have access to the different websites that dispose information related to different apartment and houses available for rent in different areas of the US.

Solution 2:

The Moroccan Embassies in the US will have to organize on continuous basis information sessions inside the embassies called “Smart integration into the American Society”. Through these sessions successful Moroccan Americans and embassy officials will have to educate the new Moroccan immigrants about the followings:

- Laws of the United States;
- Culture of the US;
- An outlook of the current US economy environment and the different career paths that people can follow to be successful in this current environment.
- The steps to follow to get the appropriate documents such as ID, and social security card;

Solutions 3:

The Moroccan Embassies in the US will have also to create a mobile unit called “Easy integration and adaptation into the American Society”. Through this unit embassy officials will have to tour the major cities of the different states of the country. They in fact have to educate new immigrants about the things that just have been discussed above under solution 2 section.

Issue number 3: High unemployment rates among new Moroccan immigrants in today’s tough economic environment


In today’s tough economic environment a lot of new Moroccan immigrants find it extremely difficult to find decent jobs.

Solution 1:

Successful entrepreneurs of Arab descent including Moroccan Americans of course will have to organize job fairs on a regular basis. These job fairs will help new Moroccan immigrants find jobs. They will also help entrepreneurs have access into a large pool of job applicants.

Solution 2:

In coordination with the Association of Moroccan American Professionals and with successful entrepreneurs of Arab decent including Moroccan Americans, the Moroccan Embassies in both DC and New York City have to organize career information sessions that aim at informing new immigrants about the current American job market.

Solution 3:

In coordination with the Association of Moroccan American Professionals and with successful Moroccan entrepreneurs, the Moroccan Embassies will have to organize a new program called mobile “Smart Job Training Program”. Through this mobile program which will be unfold in the major cities of the different states of the country; successful Moroccan professionals will have to train their fellow new immigrants in the following fields:

- Computer (Microsoft office, Building websites, and Java programming);
- Basic management training that aims at equipping new immigrants with important management skills.
- Basic marketing training that aims at helping new immigrants gain important marketing skills.
- Basic finance and accounting trainings that aim at helping the new immigrants gain important finance and accounting skills.
- Hotel guest services;
- Restaurant services;

This “Smart Job Training Program” will help new immigrants acquire necessary skills that help them to be successful in their jobs and even at college if they decide to pursue a college degree in the field of business administration or hotel management.

Issue number 4: The fact that it’s expensive to send the bodies of Moroccan Americans who die in the US soil:


We know that a lot of Moroccan Americans find it expensive to send back home the bodies of their loved ones or friends who died.

Solution 1:

The Moroccan Embassies in both New York City and DC will have to create an online platform called “Smart Funding Raising to help Moroccans in crisis”. Through this online platform Moroccan Americans will have to donate one dollar a month via this secure online platform that will be used to send the bodies of Moroccan Americans to Morocco.

Through this online platform Moroccan Americans can keep track of how their money is being spent to ensure a certain level of transparency in the system.

Solution 2:

Moroccan Embassies will have to work closely with Islamic Centers located in both New York City and Washington DC to organize frequent fund raising activities that aim at generating funds that will be used to send the bodies of the people who died in the US soil.

Issue number 5: The fact that a lot of Moroccan Americans don’t pursue their education in the US


A lot of Moroccan Americans who live in the US are not being able to go to college. Because of this a lot of Moroccan Americans are stuck in very hard labor jobs.

Solution 1:

The Moroccan Embassies located in both DC and New York City will have to organize mobile information sessions called “Education Opportunities for all Moroccan Immigrants in the US”. Through these sessions embassy officials along with Moroccan Americans college professors will have to educate Moroccan immigrants about the followings:

- The importance of college education in the 21 century;
- The types of training programs available in different community colleges in the US;
- The universities that are famous for different fields of specialty;
- How to apply for financial aid to a university;
- How to qualify for financial aid;

Solution 2:

The Moroccan Embassies along with the Association of Moroccan Americans and with successful Moroccan entrepreneurs will have to create a scholarship program called “Get a college degree to advance and succeed in America”. Moroccan immigrants will have to apply via an advanced online platform. If qualified they will receive scholarship funds that will help them pursue their college education.
It’s important to mention that this scholarship program will funded by the following constituencies: successful Moroccan entrepreneurs and successful Moroccan entrepreneurs.

Thank you for your time,


somemoroccanchik : I echo the previous concern/frustration. The proposed “items” are simply too vague, which makes me question how serious this person or group of people will be about searching for “results.” What do you mean by “legislation” “immigration” “non-profit” “women’s affairs”??? what women??? You are talking about a rather large definitely heterogeneous community that perhaps doesn’t want to be represented by one person or even a group of people. And what’s with this “clear” and “current” representation of Moroccans in the U.S.? No representation is absolutely better than one that would merely reinforce stereotypes.

There are, however, things that could be dealt with immediately. Simple things. Totally doable things. One of them is, and as newyorkaise has pointed out, the prices that la RAM charges. It is not a new issue, nor is it that obscure. It would be safe to say that ALL Moroccans residing in the U.S. and wishing to travel to Morocco find the RAM prices rather outrageous.

Finally, I have a question: Why not build on what other Moroccans have done? There are other organizations and other Moroccans who are already active, why not work with them? You need not reinvent the wheel every time.
Datae : Mrs Serhani,
Before asking the typical "what can I do for you" type of question, one would under normal circumstances speculate on what the answer might reveal or be. What do you expect to see ? A long list of complaints? I have one. Not sure what you can do with it, but I am sure you will find it boring and amazing even!

With that in mind, I think you will find yourself overwehlmed and taken by strong opinions from your beloved countrymen and women. These individuals are pretty smart I might add. Some of them benefit from an extensive and high academic experience, others from a rich-life lived in the US. I will watch closely your endeavor and struggle to win the "Moroccan-American PEOPLE"

I have but one advice for you: Don't be deterred by what you read. Your dedication and determination to help will be best shown under pressure. If you simple cave in, it will be too boring --because we've seen that before. So good luck!

nadia-s : Salam Friends,

First of all, thank you Wafin for publishing the request.

I want to clarify the following: there is no personal gain in any of this beside attempting to heal the many fractures between us (Moroccan-Americans) and our native country’s agencies and representatives. My family and I go through the same hassle as all of you when it comes to RAM, Consulate affairs, access to information and the time has come to channel all this frustration to the concerned parties in an efficient and official way.

By nature and habit, we point the fingers and I personally do agree with that [no matter how at-fault the other party is], unless we bring a solution along with the complaint.
So, the objective is to draw a realistic image of what the Moroccan community in the US goes through, in order to communicate these findings to the many agencies in Morocco.

I will be blunt and direct, there will be no overnight solution, but the aim from this exercise is to hear back from the community, compile your inputs and formulate them in a way that can translate into action in the near future. Our community lacks organization and proper engagement, which then creates a lack of interlocutor easily used as a pretext to justify the non-action of certain parties.

RAM and Consulate are all valid points, but as the last brother pointed out, let us move on to other topics.

I thank you for taking the time to share your opinions and thoughts with us here.

Nadia Serhani.
US Rep. - CCME
obaid : I admire that you have been that long in your position Mrs Serhani. I hope I am wrong but I strongly beleive that what you accomplished is next to nothing( not your fault of course). I find it hard to see that you want to hear from moroccans about their concerns and when they talk to you about RAM and Consulat you seem to hate it!!!that is their real concern. Unstead of doing something about it you ask them to move on and bring other topics!!!!!move on where?and why since we can't get the first thing done. If ou wanna just hear from them and write it down in a nice memo that will read well and be communicated to the other side then beleive me there is no need cause they have already those concerns. They just want to look politically correct ( don't fall for that, it is just for consumtion and I am not being negative here but rather realistic)

I will give you a piece of advice, unless you can start with what morocans seem to predominantly see as a concern(RAM and Consulat), your fascinating efforts to building a lasting trustworthy relationship will not see light.

All this aside, thank you for being there and sorry if you have to go through RAM, Consulat problems along with some
carzy comments I expect are yet to come.

Adamorus : La RAM and nothing but la RAM to point out over and over again. Mrs Serhani tear down that wall.
enough said. salam alikom
ahmed in la : idriss:

I did not have time to read everything you wrote. Could you please tell me what you, personally, have done toward executing all the points and the good ideas that you mentioned?
I for example, approached an organized Moroccan group in Los Angeles and asked them what I could do for the organization.

Than, 10 years ago, I started an e-mail-blast-based information service to inform my, 600+, subscribes about events and issues relevant to the community. I called it Moroccan L.A.
To correct you, the Embassy would not do any of what you asked and it is not its job anyway. The consulate is the one in charge, it has beeg doing work for the community and it remains, either, (underappreciated) or inefficient!

A word about the Ambassador, he is a scholar and a gentleman and you would be proud to see countrymen like him representing the country.
A word about the present consul, he has been there forever and he symbolizes the fact that Morocco does not give a flying rat s rear about you or any of us.

Leave Morocco, exile yourself, work like a dog, suffer, send money back which will end in the coffer of a few, than die and we would not even have to ship your body to Morocco. As a matter of fact, even if good Samaritans contributed to repatriation of your body to Morocco, it still needs a doctor s note attesting to it being free of a disease. Even in your death they can reject you.

In the U.S., we have become accustomed to one thing; if an organization is dysfunctional and not yielding results, the head of it will be removed, recalled, fired, retired, impeached or whatever means it takes to run him out of office. The present consul served two terms since before I came to this country and the complaints, the dissatisfaction, the unhappiness of the community continues and nothing had been done about it. He must not be representing our interests than and why is the Ministry of foreign affairs keeping him around. As a matter of fact, we should start an immediate action to remedy the situation and to get some fresh bodies in the consulate.
I would not address the previous comments to Mrs. Serhani until there is a vote and a democratic process to designate a community representative, despite my acknowledgement of her perceived, good intentions and dedication.

The ones of you that keep criticizing RAM. I have the latest news for you:
I heard trough the grapevine that if you have a Moroccan passport, you will be able to fly from anywhere in the world for $ 100, round trip. They will also accommodate Moroccan nationals with the following: Feast on Wings, a 7 course Moroccan meal, starting with Moroccan salad, ZE3LOUK, KHIZZOU MCHERMAL, SHLADA DIAL LKESS, BEKKOULS, BARBA, lemon chicken, KESKSOU BELLHEM, HRIRA, BASTILLA, baklava, Moroccan tea with SHIBA and other succulent dishes. It will be all you can eat. They will also arrange for a pick up of your luggage from destination to destination, your luggage does not have to be checked by customs and you would have a choice of a white or a black stretched limo from your house to the airport, both ways.

Guys and gals, I know a good deal when I see one. Jump on you phones and reserve your tickets now, the offer will expire in December, 2015. It should be called Mom Air or MAMA GHETTINI Air.

I also heard trough the grapevine that RAM will go out of business and that you will be swimming or walking, from anywhere in the world, back to Morocco, bare feet, in the snow, up hill, both ways.

Please spare us the headache; we are tired of you. RAM is a business; it is not DAR CHCHABAB.

It is a business owned by investors, it has people in charge of its business plan and it is ran and managed as such. They do not twist your arm to make you fly with them. You are more than welcome to fly with Air Jakarta, Kualalumpoor Air, Buktumbo Air, Con Air or Flying Rat Air.

We share your nostalgia to Morocco, Moroccans and anything MAGHRIB, but you need to cut off you emotional attachment, at times, when it comes to rational thinking and business decisions.

And do not believe that if you were to boycott RAM, that they will miss you. They will fly, BIK WLA BLA BIK, and they know that you are nothing but a fare payer, like many!

If you connot fly, please spare us the BS and stay home or get a second job or one better than the one you have now.
Pay up, sit down, strap up and shut up until we kick you out in Casa.
idriss : ahmed in la: I just want to tell you that I am just a zmagry who works in a restaurant here in America. I am not a professional Moroccan American or someone with an impressive resume. All I did my friend is a little research from the Internet. In fact I went to different sites of the Internet and researched the ideas of those sites. Then I adjusted those ideas to the context of the discussion here in Wafin. So, basically the ideas are not mine. But, at least I made the effort to contribute with something even if it's not mine to the Moroccan American community living in America.

firebird : Dear Ahmed in LA,

Why should I just pay up, strap in and shut up until Casablanca. We pay hard earned money to la RAM so why not get a decent customer service. No one here is asking La RAM to handout free tickets or a limo for the ride home. The majority just want a decent, professional service.
Stop bashing your fellow Moroccans and show some respect, no one is perfect, not even you Mr. LA the PRICK.
Datae : Salam o 3alikoum,

First of all, I would like to comment on Ahmed LA. Your response is neither constructive nor informative. So spare us, please !

To the others, please keep the thread focused on the topic, not on Ahmed.

marruecos_1956 : This is not free enterprise, this is not capitalism, and the concepts of supply and demand do not apply and will never apply to companies owned or majority-owned by governments. There are no investors in the case of La RAM. The company could make zero dollars and will continue to operate and their leadership will continue to make boatload of money. There is unlimited pool of funds to keep it operating because the taxpayers will always keep it alive, the average and struggling Moroccan taxpayer.
A similar example is what happened here in the US in Q4 of 08 with the financial fiascos. This is the reason the American public is going ballistic over AIG, GM, Chrysler, and most of the big banks. They do not want their government intervening in the market. Morocco is owned by one person, is owned by one family who have imposed themselves on 30 plus million Moroccans, and as long as that stays, Morocco will NEVER change and neither will La RAM. You cannot treat a disease by treating the symptoms. When you go after the root cause, everything else will follow, neatly and nicely. I can bark between now and doomsday, and ain't [email protected]#& gonna change about La RAM.

We have been screaming about La RAM for years. Has anything changed? (my point exactly). When La RAM is 100% owned by shareholders, then we can have this discussion. Right now, Ms Serhani can't do jack about La RAM even if she wanted to and neither can any one of us. Even if La RAM flies empty planes 24/7, they will not go out of business.
elmajed : Hi All,

Interesting topic and has been discussed a million times here in wafin for the last 10 years. But, this time it seems to be debated with some real stories and there are so many of them.

My take on this is that I second what SWORD had written above and may add that Mrs Nadia Serhani had summarized the reasons behind these problems on this quote, she wrote above: " Our community lacks organization and proper engagement, which then creates a lack of interlocutor easily used as a pretext to justify the non-action of certain parties." When you read her comments you can tell that she is in the same dilemma and same boat like us and by penning this debate to us she will learn that we have a huge problem as Moroccans living in the Unites States.

Personally, I give a very good example of the lack of organization we have in the Boston area (By the way the only thing that some Moroccans can do here in the area is to organize singing and dancing events where some Jerks will come and disturb the event with their silly fights at the end of the night).

Speaking of organizing Moroccan gathering, a good example came to my mind: may be 2 years ago just after the King of Morocco M6 announced that we need to integrate Moroccans living abroad into the Moroccan electoral system and in order to get an idea how the Moroccan government will approach the issue. Then a group was was organized and had its members chosen by the King to go and meet Moroccans living abroad in their specific country of residence and listen to their concerns and needs. One person from that group came to Boston area and once I heard about it, I went and attended the event with some excitement and I was hoping it would be a very good start and see so many Moroccans showing up and stating their concerns and problems. First, I was so disappointed on the presence, about 30 people showed up from an estimate population of Moroccans living in Boston area around 10,000.

Second, some of the concerns stated by the audience were valid and some were outrageous and beyond the Group's goals in my opinions. But the idea was good and the person who showed up was a Professor from The University of Mohammed 5th in Rabat. The guy had made some interesting comments , but because of the lack of organised community here in the area he couldn't promise anything to us, in my opinion.

Third, nothing was done about the Moroccans living abroad to vote in the last Elections and in the next one coming Jun 12th.

At the end I want to wish Nadia all the best and If you need me as a Moroccan who lived in Boston area for a while now, I could help by commenting on stories I heard from my fellow Moroccans living in the Boston area and some of them are not pleasant.

Good luck to you and to anyone who wants to help his community to do better.


america120 : Mrs Serhani,

Please make sure we get at least 2 free 1st class tickets to Morocco a year per family

2)We Men must exercise our Moslem right to have a couple of wives at home without risking the visit of the sheriff.

3)the governement of Morocco should guarantee us a continuous flow of shfenj weekly from Morocco.

4)When we come home ,since we are bringing some dollars ,we should have a special badge so we can be recognised and be treated differently from the indigenes that live there.

5)before i forget the dollar should be exchanged par with the dirham.

6)We should also be given masks so we do not smell the dust or catch up some funny disease .

MR Ahmed from LA ,the hallala brother Continue to tell thos spoiled babies the way it is.

Mrs Serhani:you should rephrase your question ,What are we doing for our country? bitching about it like some silly losers.

As a Moroccan American who travels a lot ,i always have better service ,friendlier people in a Moroccan consulate than an American consulate.

If possible can we have each month a free Moroccan concert
paid by the Embassy in different states,i also want the embassy employees to be belly dancers certified so they can put a show for us while we are waiting and a good cup of mint tea would not hurt either.
That's all i want ,thank you wa salam and May God reward you for thinking about me !

zaniga : salam ...we need one newspeaper and at least oine radio broadcasting for moroccan cumunity ...where we can desccasse togather +informe+ -no problemes betweme us...the only gool is GATHER ALL MOROCCAN individual+ organisation+ profetional+ poor+ rich+ muslim praticant+ or muslim no praticnt+ educate or no educate - evry body must speak in darija+ berbere+ french+ perfecte english or poor english ( LIKE MINE)+arabic...SPEKUP...-on doit chercher le changment -no a takabore no alfardaniya...there is a lotteof moroccan who saffer and thy are alowne ...thy dont know eve if there is moroccan website where other morocca desccasse....sorry for the mistikes i know you gise you are VERY strang in englishe...but i can t i want to say something too...I HOPE ONE MORNING I WAKE UP AND I TURN ON THE REDIO ON THE BILINGAL MOROCCAN RADIO FOR ALL USA--[ US,MOROCCAN BORODCASTING RADIO} UMBR..GET INFORMED ABPOT NEWS IN AMERICA +MOROCCO+INTERNATIONAL+ GET INFORMED ABOUT AMERECAN MOROCAN ACTIVITY....WE HOPE WE HOPE WE HOPE WE HOPE WE KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP HOPPPPPPPING.
sueRabat : Salamu Aleycom, Oct.20, 2009

Ms Serhani, thank you so much and I encourage your initiative. I believe instead of moaning, I would contact you & offer to help you with this great initiative. I would like to see more people offering to help in this project.

I advise all Moroccans to take advantage of being in the USA and get an education that would improve their status while networking within the US system instead of asking la RAM to lower its prices, try to make more money so you can afford to pay for anything you want to buy while in the USA

Best luck to all & Salame
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