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 Dec 11, 2017
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Love And Attraction

By Mohamed Mellaouch
 Answering the question of what initiate love and attraction is no simple matter. One person may like another person for a multitude of reasons. If you are feeling bad about yourself, you may be attracted to a person who is complimentary and supportive. If you are feeling bored with daily events, you may be attracted to someone who promises changes and excitement. Attraction had no single cause. From my previous experiences with love and attraction, I have learned that there are three sources of attraction: physical beauty, personal similarity and positive regard.

       Different cultures have different conceptions of physical beauty. In the Moroccan culture a woman who weights less than 100 pounds is ugly, while in other cultures a woman may threaten her own happiness if she weights more than 150 pounds. In the Moroccan culture pale skin is vastly preferred, while in other cultures it is considered to be sickly. In every culture popular standards are very powerful. But in all cultures, the sexes are not equally swayed by physical beauty. In general, men seem to be more responsive to beauty than women. Males generally seem to prefer an attractive woman for purpose of dating, working, or marriage. But people who doubt their own self-worth may not anticipate success in courting a beautiful person.

       Personal similarity is probably the most important source of attraction. This type of attraction is generated by similarities in abilities, emotional states, social or economic status, and preferred activities. For examples, adolescents who use drugs are likely to seek other drug users, rather than abstainers as lovers. People anticipate a more positive relationship with someone similar to themselves. The similarity suggest that good things will come of the relationship and that the other person will be loving and friendly.

       Positive regard is one of the most significant sources of attraction in human affairs. No one dispute the power of a warm smile, or words of support in generating attraction. Most people would agree that such behaviors are important because they express positive regard. Thus, for example, if you feel miserable about yourself because you failed an exam, your needs for regard may be especially high and you may be especially attracted to someone who puts a friendly arm around you. Other people’s regard makes people feel better about themselves and thus more attractive to the giver. But people’s need for positive regard raises a profound social dilemma: the sincerity of another person’s positive expressions. People want to believe in the sincerity of another person’s positive expressions, but no one can ever be totally sure whether the sentiments are a form of hypocrisy or true feelings.

       Personal attraction is defined as a positive sentiment or emotional feeling toward another person. We feel attracted to other people because they reward us in some way; they make us feel good, happy, satisfied or even ecstatic. Besides rewards, love has its costs too. That is why most of people view their feelings for others in term of profit. In other words, in terms of the amount of reward obtained from the relationship minus the cost; the greater the reward and the less the cost, the greater the attraction is.

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salina : Mohamed,

Why was I never able to explain it so well, the same way you did?

I liked it so much..I will steal (if your all reserved rights allow me) :):) some of those setences.

Well done,

ssunshine : Acceptable definition of attraction!

The only time this attraction and/or love sucks is when it cannot see the light...
kwoolr : I am so thrilled you wrote this article.

I am a reasonably attractive girl and honestly I find that most men really don't care about the last book you read or whether you have a thought in your head. If I put on my black eyeliner and do my make up, voila, someone will listen to me talk about Franz Fanon or history. But most men do not care if a woman is bright. They care if she is what their ideal is. If a woman is forthright and can stick up for herself, she is considered " manly" yet society in the USA doesn't encourage women to think for themselves. Look at the newsstand. Cosmopolitan for example. 50 ways to get a man. Make your man scream , etc. But as I try to talk to my older daughter, she has bought into this whole looks oriented garbage. Yes , hygene is important . But looks in themselves can be highly deceptive. You cannot have it all. Pretty people are often lacking in the character department but I have discovered something very weird over the last couple of years. I have met some good looking men that were exceedingly nice to all types of women and some George Constanza types who had to always have a " 10" because they felt so inadequate about themselves that character in a woman took second seat to looks.

I see this alot with men in my area taking mail order wives with no regards to whether they have anything in common with these girls. Just blond and pretty.Looks become a commodity and I think the guy just wants eye candy, not a soul mate. I sometimes think they are just a toy to show off to other men.

I personally think that a strong pretty Moroccan is the right match for a Moroccan and I know I will unleash a firestorm of opnions about this comment. I just know I could never give a Moroccan man what a Moroccan woman could give him because of the fact of intricacies of culture, cooking , traditions, similar backgrounds.

I have a daughter with a Moroccan ( OK MOROCCANS HERE IS A COMPLIMENT) and I am constantly told by everyone that I meet how fabulous looking she is with her luminous eyes and curly hair. But I don't think her attractiveness is a bonus because frankly I want her to be studious and caring and a good person, not living her life based on how she looks.

I have seen many a pretty woman who never developed a brain cell ( and this goes for men too) who became distraught when their looks started to go. You can't just keep pitching pennies into the fountain of youth nor should a man OR a woman's primary interest in someone be what they look like. IQ should matter but without compassion, that is pretty worthless. I don't want any of my children ( who are incidentally very attractive.. they don't look like me.. I am a 6 aahhahahahah) resting on looks or what looks can do for them. I also don't want someone dating them for how they look. Attraction and love unfortunately belong to the beautiful but I have seen some people that didn't look like much transform into something fabulous with time and my growing affection.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people that simply chase that end up with sand running through their hands.

How many starlets have commited suicide as their looks faded? Look at the millions and millions of dollars women spend to stay young or attract men. I just want to walk to the back of the bookstore I think and grab an Albert Camus book and go find a tree to sit under.

I am sure that when I get hit on at a bar , the guys talking to me are not researching a thesis on the social interaction of middle aged adults in North America. They are hitting on me because 1. they think they will get lucky
2. They are semi attracted to me
3. The 5 beers that they drank turned me into a 10

Oh well

It really sucks but bottom line . Men are driven by looks to find a woman. Women are forced to torment ourselves with botox injections and push up bras and make up and all this other garbage just to remain in the dating pool.

Now men are getting into it with hair club for men and all this other nonsense.

Personally , just give me a chainsmoking 46 year old with a deep voice and a leather jacket who can make cous cous. I dont care if he has his hair or is "hot". Why ? Because I was married to a Brad Pitt type ( hence the cute offspring) who thought the ultimate foreplay in romance was bathing and when I went to his family's house, I heard the theme song from deliverance.. ( quiet


Oh gag me with a fork. Time isn't on most women's side anyway. I guess we need to all thank God for Demi Moore
beautifulwmn : The most important attraction in the world is your attraction to that person who loves Allah. All of those other attractions dwell on materialistic views. If a person loves Allah and lives with a true relationship he/she will shine. A person who is looking for a true and lasting love and relationship will be attracted to that regardless of how much money a person has or how beautiful or handsome they are. So often people looking for their other half forget to include Allah in the equation. They are impatient and do not want to wait for Allah to send them the right person. Remember always that Allah never takes a vacation and he is always there for those who seek him. Mashallah

Fe Aman Allah,
[email protected]
salina : ssunhine:

You are so right and it happens so often...:(
[email protected] : Well put Mr. Mohamed. Attraction and love are one of those words that are hard to come up with a precise definition for them. However, you seem to hit many major ideas about attraction and love. Hat off Simohamed.
Personally, I think that for love to last for ever, it has to be founded on honesty. I believe that it always should be something that attracts the other partner about you. Couples don’t have to necessarily be similar, they can complete each other too, and with love usually couples start getting into each other’s activates and hobbies. For instance, when women go to a football game with their men, or when men go to a movie theater with their women to watch “must love dogs” God I wish I had a sleeping pill that night, LOL.
P.S Kwoolr if you had a man that looked like Brad Pitt, did you look like Angelina Julie. Women please take your time when getting into relationships, use your brain as much as your heart to judge, don’t just fall for anybody.
wafinuser : Besides the A$$ what else do you have to offer to this relationship?

I had the following interview with my mom about love, marriage, and relationships:

WAFINUSER: Why do people keep talking about “Bent Annas” (Daughter of the people!)?

MOM: Well son, Bent Annas is raised right. She knows how to cook, clean, raise kids, keep her husband happy, and keep her family happy.

WAFINUSER: But mom, as you can see, we have all these awesome food stores where we buy prepared and well cut food such as chicken, meat, etc…and all these dishes that are prepared very easily and with the PUSH of a button, the oven will beep when diner is ready. So cooking is really not a necessity for this “Bent Annas” phenomenon.

MOM: Well, here, in the west, things are different!

WAFINUSER: What do you mean different? We have dishwashers, washers, dryers etc…in Morocco as well. So a man, AKA (Also Known As) “Ould Annas” (Son of the people) knows how to do all these things that “Bent Annas” is supposed to be doing.

MOM: Well son, times have certainly changed. Today’s men and technology have reached the same level as what “Bent Annas” used to do during my time.

WAFINUSER: As you can see, even when it comes to kids, men know how to change diapers, give baths to the little boogers (Khnouna from your nose!), prepare formula, give naps, and take the little ones to daycare so that “Bent Annas” and “Ould Annas” can go to work!

MOM: I see exactly what men are able to do these days. Especially, here in America! It seems that men do more work than women. And that explains why a lot of western woman are fat!

WAFINUSER: Well, mom, if we men are able to do all the tasks that “Bent Annas” is able to do, then why do we need “Bent Annas” at all? What is “Bent Annas” good for?

MOM: Well, how do you have babies then?

WAFINUSER: Mom, I hate to say this, what I am about to tell you is considered “Hshouma” (not appropriate!). It goes like this: I will go to a doctor, give him my SPERM, BUY a female EGG, have the doctor FERTELIZE the egg with my sperm, RENT a surrogate mother, and 9 months later I have a baby that I can raise, feed, clean, etc…voila!

MOM: “Estaghfer Allah” (ask Allah’s forgiveness) my son. You can’t just make babies like that! Something is wrong with this world!

WAFINUSER: Well, mom, in a few years, we’ll be able to go to Wall-Mart and buy babies off the shelf!

MOM: If that is the case, then what is the point of “Bent Annas”? You guys know how to cook, clean, get babies, take care of babies, daycares, etc…What the “Jahannem” [Hell] are today’s women good for?

WAFINUSER: Mom, I hate to say this, what I am about to tell you is considered “Hshouma” (not appropriate!). It goes like this: SEX!

MOM: That’s ridiculous! The world must be coming to an end!

WAFINUSER: Well mom, let’s face it, this is how today’s women spend their day: They get up at 6:00 am; take a shower (hopefully!), put their makeup on, drop the kids in daycare or ask the “Ould Ennas” to drop the kids in daycare, on his way to work. After that, “Bent Annas” spends the whole day working her A$$ off. At 5:30 pm, she picks up the kids from daycare, feed the little brats, and send them to sleep by 8:00 pm. On the other hand, “Ould Annas” uses his index finger to PUSH the dishwasher button, the washer button, and the dryer button.

MOM: You are funny son!

WAFINUSER: Mom, I hate to say this, what I am about to tell you is considered “Hshouma” (not appropriate!). It goes like this: After 9:00 pm, the only thing that is left is that “Ould Annas” wants SEX! To seal the deal! However, “Bent Annas” is tired from work (outside the house), she is already asleep and it’s only 9:00 pm! Tomorrow will be the same routine!

MOM: What can I say? These modern women have lost their purpose in life! It seems that they are just lost and they do not know what to do anymore?

WAFINUSER: Let’s be fair mom, today’s life is hard. People need money to survive. Life is expensive and it takes two to tango! So both men and women need to work to be able to support themselves and a family.

MOM: Son, I have seen what this western life style is all about and it SUCKS! You people have NO LIFE! You just run, run, run, and run throughout the day and you accomplish nothing. No family life, no husband and wife life, no enjoyment of the kids, friends, a hot cup of Moroccan Mint Tea. Women are stressed out of their mind. Kids are raised by strangers. Husbands keep working as usual, but they do not know for what purpose. I do not know why people get married in the first place.

WAFINUSER: Easy mother! Don’t be hating! We are just trying to survive! That’s all. Interesting question you have about marriage! Why do men get married? Why do women get married? Hmmm!

MOM: Since you have eliminated all the criteria of “Bent Annas”, let me ask you this: what is your definition of “Bent Annas”?

WAFINUSER: Well, if we remove cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, taking care of the husband, taking care of family, as the main criteria of “Bent Annas”, then “Bent Annas” is defined as a woman who has female genitalia, nice body, nice A$$, good job, attractive, making money, nice personality, no depression, no emotional crap, no criminal record, not wanted by the FBI, sane, funny, easy going, faithful, loving, motivated, lively, nice A$$ (I know, I said it before! I can’t help it!), spiritually balanced, educated, family oriented, responsible, limits the number of shoes she buys to 50 pairs per year, laughs a lot, independent in a non feminist way, good self esteem, controls her PMS behavior, does not whine too much, clean, healthy, content with who she is, etc…

MOM: Is there such a woman in today’s world?

WAFINUSER: Well mom, you are looking at it! I am the BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD!

MOM: You are a man! What are you talking about?

WAFINUSER: I know I am a man! But think about it mom I am all of the above. I want to be a HOUSE HUSBAND!

MOM: A what? A House Husband?

WAFINUSER: Yes mom. I want to be a house husband. I want a good woman who wants to work and I want to stay home to take care of the kids and the house. I want to cook, clean, raise the kids, keep my “Bent Annas” happy, and keep my family happy. I want to wake up early in the morning, fix some hot mint tea, wake up my lovely kids, give them showers, dress them up, feed them, and take them to school. I want to watch them grow and be happy. I want to wake up my “Bent Annas” in the morning by tickling her and hugging her until she laughs and then I will smell her nasty morning breath! I want to give her a hug in the morning until her fresh smell and wet hair is all over my face. I want to give her a spanking on the A$$ before I open the door of her car so that she can go to work.

MOM: Keep going my son! This is good stuff!

WAFINUSER:…After my whole family is out of the house, I will clean the dishes, pick up the kids clothes from the floor, put last night’s lingerie of “Bent Annas” in the washer, clean the house, mow the lawn, prepare dinner plans, take a hot shower with lavender shampoo and green apple conditioner, shave my face, put on “obsession” perfume, brush my teeth, and it’s only 11:00 am.

MOM: 10:00 am, son! It’s Eastern Day Light Saving Time!

WAFINUSER:…After that I will get in the van (Yes it does have a DVD player, electric doors, and leather seats. Aaaah! All the things I do for my kids!) and I will go to the mall so that I can have lunch with my friends, buy or sample some free lotion from Bath and Body Works!, go to the gym for a swim and a workout, go to the library to pick up some books for my kids, pick up some cartoon DVD’s so that my kids can watch them, while I am driving them back from school. Before I forget: I do stop at Starbucks for coffee after my lunch ($3.99 per cup)!

MOM: Do you think that there is a “Bent Annas” out there who wants this life style?

WAFINUSER: I do not know mother. I keep saying I want to be a House Husband and a Soccer Dad and people keep looking at me with a strange look! I am pretty sure that there is a “Bent Annas” out there who is attractive, sexy, making good money, fertile, and wants a House Husband who is nice, emotional, sincere, sexy, sensitive, funny, faithful, loving, good cook, loves kids, clean, and knows how to fix couscous, tea, and lamb and olive Tagine! All I ask for is no prenuptials!

MOM: Well, besides the A$$ what else do you have to offer to this relationship?

WAFINUSER: A House Husband!

MOM: Where did I go wrong with you? May Allah help you find “Ould Annas”!
TheCleaner : 1)Sorry! but what happened to the "LOVE" part of the analysis I see that the whole text is about attraction but not one single sentence Tackling love.... Where is the balance?!?!

2)Nice words and may be to some, nicely put together but where are the surveys you have used to determine that moroccans are attracted to "pale" skin. did you mean light?! may be! but pale? I do not think so. as far as skin deep, "Smar alloun" [ Light chocolata] is the king of the champions where ever you go my dear friend. scandinavia, japan, south africa, Italy, brazil, Usa, europe. You name the place, and your shirt will be ripped right off your back :)with few feline scartches to show for it :):):).....In case you you have been away from Morocco for too long, pale skin is refered to in Morocco as "lmouta" as in The walking dead or "Tubercolosis". but I will be glad to look at the national surveys you have based your opinions on, and that make "Tubercolosis" color the color of choice for Moroccans.

3) Attraction is all about survival and perpertuality some of it is innate and the rest of it is learned.

The innate component makes sure you are attracted to what promises procreation and/or protection. there is nothing you can do about that part all animals have it. you may think your way out of it but you will still have it. think winnies lips. size D cups :) and a FIFA nice rounded ball for the males. As for a woman, Hercules is a GOD, but if Hercukes is nowhere to be found, then she will gladly settle for his cousin:)[ Eistein seems to be gaining popularity lately, I gues because of the nukes he can use against Hercules:]

Even the learned part of attraction is about survival and perpetuality: Intellectuality, Humor, wisdom, charm... they all contribute to a peacefull and happy coexistence and therefore enhance the survival and perpetuality. but the innate component is a must above all at the heights of our days of vigor( the age of defiance:). And when those days come to halt then we rely more on wisdom and its relatives for survival:)

As for love my friend. I will leave it for another episode. when you decide to cover it in your analysis;)

Because attraction is just a very small fraction of the LOVE Universe. LOVE is way more Powerfull, it turns even the ugliest of the ugliest into a beauty queen:)

"I do not Love you because You are attractive, You are attractive beacuse I love you" T.C

Next time! don't spread rumors about Moroccans being in love the "pale skin".it really makes upsets so many people and makes then puke :( So get it straight in your head! we are in love with the "samra wa khamouria! wa 3younha soud" :):):)

... I need some coffee!.....Oh please! just a tad of milk.....cause I like my coffee fully flavored but not that weak :):) :)
salina : Wafinuser:
Thanks for the funny, well done piece..I am with you...Obsession dude...:):) Funny indeed!!

What was that? Love? Love is not an exact science. There is not such thing as a perfect or ideal woman or man. There are souls that complement each other, thy share affinities, sames interest, and they have same likes, direction in life and goals, those can yes, indeed make you happy with the right person.

Love is hard to define, and the definition of love is different for all of us;
Can you have a 100% all in one person? I do not think so. You might settled with that person that has the things you think are prioritiy in your life, however, that person is not the "all in one package" at all.

One might be the perfect to be the mother/father of your kids, the other one is/could be the one that makes you laugh and is smart and fun, the other one might be the perfect lover, the right match for you.
Can we get it all in one package? Has someone ever? There will always be something "missing". :) Since people can not have three, you always tried, for the one that has those charasteristics that you think you can live with and be ok. Happy, fully 100%: never. My two cent worth.

moet : Wafinuser,

You are hilarious PERIOD!

kwoolr : Well I dig the whole house husband thing. Where do I sign up? With all the crap I have to go through putting food on the table, if I could find a man who would stay home ? Hell yeah....

All I had to do was go out and go to work ? And I don't have to make dinner or do any grocery shopping? All I get as " todays woman" is all the work, I have to go make money, come home , do all the stuff in the house and if I am with a guy, kiss his butt too. The whole concept of having some guy at home making tagine works for me. I end up doing everything any way and in the 14 years that I spent with the redneck from hell, all he did was piss me off and never did a damn thing anyway.

I think it takes a very mentally liberated woman to release all the household responsibility to a man. It is hard as hell to run a house and as a single mom, I am supposed to act like all this crap is easy. I have to keep a job, clean my house, do my yard, take care of my kids so they don't grow up and go on springer and then if I do have a date, I have to convince him that I have my " *&()" together and then be held up to unrealistic looks standards and then figure out how to have a social life on top of it. I say screw it. I cannot seem to do any of it well. Hell , I am 39 and I am considering just telling everyone I am 40 just so I look young for 40.

I just want some lemon and chicken tagine once a week. Thats it. If I could have some good moroccan food, hell , he can sit on his butt and I will go to work. I am tired. I am living in MORE THAN A RAT RACE.. And to top it all off, it seems as if I cannot win. If I become looks obsessed then the other parts of my life won't work. I wish I could microwave my hair so I didn't have to do it.

So all kidding aside. I want a house husband. Where the hell do I sign up? If most men knew the amount of things a single mom or a mom did a day and then did it for weeks on end including vomit removal and vet appointments and all the other ascinine things we have to do, they would run screaming to the door BEGGING to go to work.

Signed a single mom would crawl across the floor for some good moroccan food.

onlyu : Wafinuser this is for you and your mother, bent a nass is not just cooking do the dishes care about the husband or have a job, neither the nice body or a good looking face, bent a nass is a person who had good parents ( father and mother), not a (daughter of people), a person who had a specific education and attention, a person who work hard to keep her self clean and away from the rest of the other garbage, the rest that don’t have parents that care about the wellbeing of their kids ( bnat lecy ou zanka tawahad makayadiha fihoum la om wa la abe bnat azanka bel 3arbiya) bent anass is the person who is going to stay home and rise you kids and you need to be able to support one if you want one , if you are looking for someone with a nice A$$ and a job good luck, and they are a lot of them out there, the good thing you don’t even have to look for them they will find you ,
TheCleaner : salina:

1) my comment on "love" was because the piece was titled "LOVE and Attraction" Hello is anybody home?!?! the whole text was about Attraction. why does the title has to have "LOVE" in it. if love is not the object of discussion.

2) Love is the feeling or combinations of feelings that makes the object of your love the most beautifull and the most perfect. That is the most accurate definition of Love my dear:) and you can not beat it! nor beat around it! :) :)

ssunshine : OnlyU,

Thanks for providing SHAIKHOUNA WAFINUSER with the exact definition of bent annas.


Man, you are missed but let me tell you your wires are still screwed up...that conversation of yours is not only spicy but too pancreatic enzymes couldn't possibly hydrolyze it! Thanks for the sacrastic hahahaha though.

Salina, your two cents are worth a billion bill!


You sound like you have a very bad luck in your life. It must be either the "bad Eye" or the "black Magic" :-)

I found "mon prince charmant" the perfect Moroccan, I could only dream of...and went to the enxtend of calling him "mister perfect"...but khibti souda he turned out to be an ATHEIST!
wafinuser : Dear OnlyU:

This is an itemized list of your DEFINITION of “Bent Annas” [Daughter of the people]

-----A. A person who had good parents ( father and mother)
-----B. A person who had a specific education and attention
-----C. A person who works hard to keep herself clean and away from the rest of the other garbage
-----D. A person who is going to stay home and raise your kids and you need to be able to support one if you want one.
-----E. “If you are looking for someone with a nice A$$ and a job good luck”

So, here is my thinking:

1. Based on the above definition, it seems that I meet all of your criteria. So, I am a “Ould Annas”. I even meet item “E” as well (I will quit my job now, just have “Bent Annas” take care of the household finances!).

2. All I am asking for is a good “Bent Annas” to share this life with me. Is it possible?

3. I want to stay home, raise the kids, and do ALL the house work. Yes I want to clean the kids’ vomit, wash their stinky underwear, prepare a homemade dinner, pickup the dirty plates, load the dishwasher, do homework with the kids, take them to their pediatrician and dentist appointments, go to their school conferences, attend PTO [Parent Teacher Organization] meetings, go to their soccer games [Remember, I want to be a SOCCER DAD. I even have a “SOCCER DAD” van sticker to go with it].

4. Speaking of taking the kids to the pediatrician, this is how it works: It’s 6:30 am, you try to wake up your kid, and she tells you: Daddy, my ear hurts! $hit! She has an ear infection! This means, the day’s plans have to change:

---Step#01: Call the pediatrician’s office.

---Step#02: Crap! They do not open until 8:00 am.

---Step#03: Well, give the kid some Ibuprofen [The children’s version not the adult one. Do not kill the little kid with an overdose]

---Step#04: Give the kid some Gogurt! To keep her busy! And do not forget to turn on the TV: “The Wigglles”!

---Step#05: Make sure to let the school bus driver know that the little princess is sick! Do not make the Grumpy bus driver lady wait in front of the drive way! She will cuss at you [witch!]. She might even drive her “Cheese Wagon” [School bus] into your living room. She is no “Bent Annas”!

---Step#06: Call the school to let them know that the little princess is sick! [Otherwise the school will call you: Bad parent!]

---Step#07: After “Bent Annas” is off to work, the other healthy kids are off to school, give a bath to the little princess [make sure to use extra conditioner, otherwise you will have hell of a time combing her hair!]

---Step#08: it’s 8:00 am, call the pediatrician’s office and tell them that the little princess is CRYING LIKE HELL! This is how you get an early appointment!

---Step#09: The sexy pediatrician turns on her black flash light, look inside the princess’s ear and tells you: She has an ear infection.

---Step#10: No $hit! I did not know that!

---Step#11: The pediatrician tells you to give her some Ibuprofen [No $hit!] every 6 hours. And she writes a prescription to buy some antibiotic medicine

---Step#12: Let’s add up the cost: $20.00 office visit, $50.00 for the antibiotics, $3.49 Happy Meal [from McDonalds], $3.99 coffee at Starbucks. Total = $77.48.

---Step#13: Call “Bent Annas” to tell her that the cost of Operation “Enduring Ear Infection” is $77.48.

---Step#14: After hearing her complain and whine about how expensive medical insurance is, prescription drugs, how she hates the Republican Party as well as the Republic for which it stands, I tell “Bent Annas” that our precious little princess is happy, smiling, enjoying her 4 chicken nuggets, and she is playing with the Happy meal toy that was made by Jacky Chen from China!

---Step#15: “Bent Annas” is PMSing, so I have to listen to her complaining about the budget and the household expenses for the month, and how she is tired of working, and dealing with bills, and her car needing work, and she forgot to pay the cell phone bill, and they are talking layoffs at her work place, and how her boss is an A$$ hole, and the project deadline is tomorrow, and how she is stressed out of her mind, and she feels like crying, and how sad she feels, etc…

---Step#16: I wait until “Bent Annas” is done with Operation “Monthly PMS Complaining” and then I say: Baby, I feel your pain, I LOVE you, and when you come home tonight, I will have some olive and lamb Tagine, waiting for you! I will give you a massage when you come home!

---Step#17: $hit! I just promised “Bent Annas” a massage. I do not have any freaking lotion to do that! I load my little princess back in the van and I head to the mall: Bath and Body Works is having a special today: Buy 19 lotions get the twentieth one for free!

---Step#18: Note to self: Do not tell “Bent Annas” about the $25.00 Bath and Body Works bill! Otherwise, there will be no Sex tonight!

---Step#19: Did I mention that I was supposed to have lunch with my friends today, at the mall! Go for a swim and gym workout! The only thing I was able to do for myself today is the $3.99 coffee from Starbucks! I feel so used!

---Step#20: All I have been doing today is run, run, run, take care of the kids, take them to the doctor’s office, listen to their whining, make sure that I pickup their prescription from Wal-Mart, run to the mall for some errands, cook dinner, listen to a whiny “Bent Annas” who thinks that she is having it hard at her work. I feel so unappreciated! I feel so unloved! Where the hell is ice-cream? [Do not tell “Bent Annas” that ice-cream cost $4.99]: Today’s total bill = 107.47. This includes: 20 [doc visit] + 50 [medicine] + 3.49 [Happy meal] + 3.99 [coffee] + 25 [lotion] + 4.99 [ice-cream]

---Step#21: After finishing my ice-cream fix, I had so many questions on my mind: Does "Bent Annas" love me? Is she still attracted to me? I better go shave my face, take a shower, put on my tight Levis Jeans, and my "obsession" perfume! before she comes!


Dear kwoolr,

Do you need a hug?


Dear Moet,

Thanks! I have a choice between laughter and hard liquor! I choose laughter at the expense of drunken people making an A$$ out of themselves! Do you know that drank men become so romantic and just light up with Love and Attraction? [Until they wake up next to the Grumpy school bus driver lady! Yep! She killed 3 ex-husbands!]


Dear ssunshine,

1. If you work outside the house, you do not pass the definition of “Bent Annas” as described by OnlyU! [See item D above] Yet you seem to agree with his definition!

2. Can you give us the definition of “Bent Annas”, from your perspective as a working westernized woman?

3. Are you open to the idea of a House Husband? What are the advantages? Disadvantages?

4. I know that the topic is about Love and Attraction. The aim of the topic is to zoom in on that special one: “Bent Annas” or “Ould Annas” where Love, Attraction, Life, Cries, Worries, Stress, Fears, Laughter, Emotions, etc…all converge to test the “Love and Attraction” strength!

Respectfully yours,

[email protected]
ssunshine : Wafinuser, Your latest piece needs to be published on the front page of newyork times. You cracked me up...I swear!

Who is Bent Nass: a very hard question….I had to google the brain cells of Wlad nass to answer your question “who is Bent aNass” then?

So here we go: According to Wlad Nass Bent Nass is:

*An educated Moroccan, with an open mind…mais comme meme conservative…and who is able to keep up with:

* the latest recipes of Shoumisha.
* the latest outbreaks in the world (Read New York times, BBC, Aljazeera…etc., on a daily basis so that when wald nass feels like discussing politics when sipping his green tea in late afternoon, bant nass will be a la hauteur)
* the latest fashion designs (Otherwise how would wald nass get to impress his 3roubi Moroccan Friend who ended up marrying le3roubia who works at Publix)
*To do the housework better than those Mexican maids we see on TV.

O zid o zid…

Did I mention beauty standards yet? Wait wald nass likes to play with mathematical equations: Consider the following equation such as 5X+BY= Exotic Beauty Solve for B!

Let Najat Atabou beauty be X and Angelina Jolie Beauty be Y…

Hint: The Value of B should be >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> X
Or >= Y

Sorry Najat…I mean no offense, those are the latest international beauty standards according to Bureau dial wlad nass.

Am I bant Nass?

Am I bent Annas?

I reached home at 11:15 pm on Sunday (last minute emergency call, some lab reports were screwed…data is missing, misplaced, gone,…and deadline is Monday 9:00 am sharp, will Dr. Keith swallow it? No! He is just another scientist a$$hole, he has no wife…he is old…all he cares about is the data numbers need to be ready for the next upcoming conference) unfortunately, when I got home, there was no smell of some yummy tagine, and no wald nass to give me an olive oil massage…all I found a note on the fridge: “They figured out what went wrong with the data, gotta wake up @ 4:30 baby girl to fix it.” Very thoughtful of my roommate who is also my colleague, classmate, and best buddy. Ohhh yeah, and I found a voice mail from grandma checking if I’ve tried the stuffed khbizate she made me last weekend…she knew that her granddaughter is not a multitask woman, she cannot cook during the week…Thanks mama Hajja, if you only knew what would wald nass think of me if I tell him I don’t know how to cook lahrira and Ramadan is around the clock…ya asafatahe!

Where is wald nass?

Now, with all honesty, when my alarm went on at 4: 05 am exactly I had to whine a bit and I wished that I was married and wouldn’t have to get up from bed…a warm hug of wald nass is worth degrees and degress.

But wait….

The last time I checked an ad posted by a Moroccan guy interested in a serious relationship, he specifically said bent Nass has to have a degree > BS….so I am getting there….I only have 8 more years to complete a specialty in Neurosurgery to impress wald bladi unless I wind up for OB GYN, and end up opening a clinic in the heart of Orlando, where all Moroccan women with no medical insurance will line up in front of my office and khliw dar babaya by the end of the month…then that’s another case…You guys know who I am talking about: Bant nass who was imported from MAROC, and who willingly accepted to stay at home to take care of Omar, Khalid, Abdelmjid, Hania, Samira, and the twins, ….you know I am still talking about that bant annass who is solely dependent of her Wald nass who works day and night to meet the financial needs of his family.

So yeah I ended up waking up at 4: 05 am…it is all worth it since wald nass will bless me at the end. Doesn’t he want a smart bant nass? I am getting there wald nass…just wait for me.


I am ready to settle down sur le champ, if I find a wald nass, who can take a GOOD care of me, and treat me as a princess. What else should I wish for? I am ready!

But I don’t think wald nass will accept.

Wlad nass made me think hand I am bant nass? I thought I was, but heck I think I must have missed buying the last book on BNAT NASS OF TODAY.

Je vis une vie d’une tortute.

Allah Yjib chi wald anass li yasla7na.
kwoolr : wafin you have a brother?

I want a house husband.
Cervantes : Omar al khayam said it best and Oumkeltoum sang perfectly when she said “Ma adya3a al yawma ladi mara be min ghayri an ahwa wa an a3shaka” translation; “No day is more wasteful than the day I spent without loving or being attracted to someone”. I happen to agree. Love and attraction are continuum events. One should continually love and be attracted and attract others without any limits. As for commitment to one'…Ahhh that’s another story.
zouben78 : wafinuser
it is really coooooooooooooooooool article . very nice , i like it .

thanks and keep going wit ha good work .
sakina : Dear wafinuser,

Do YOU need a hug? Is your Bent Annas not living up to her Sugarmama promises?

Here’s how it breaks down in the real world of Desperate Househusbands:

---01. Househusband is delighted to be home taking care of the family and house. He cooks, cleans, raises the kids, thinks he keeps his “Bent Annas” happy, and keep his family happy. He wakes up early in the morning, fixes some hot mint tea, wakes up his lovely kids, gives them showers, dresses them, feeds them, and takes them to school. He envisions that he will watch them grow and be happy. He wakes up his “Bent Annas” in the morning by tickling her and hugging her until she laughs and then smells her nasty morning breath! He gives her a hug in the morning until her fresh smell and wet hair is all over his face. He is so pleased to give her a spanking on the A$$ before he opens the door of her car so that she can go to work.

---02. Househusband spends his day running errands, doing housework, cooking, and taking care of sick and well family. He might even get some time for an afternoon nap (delicious!) and a workout at the gym or swim at the pool, or grab a cup of Starbucks ($3.99!) with the other stay at home dads...oops, I mean moms (No other stay at home dads within 100 miles!). Oh happy day! Everyone thrives with good food, loving parents and a clean and happy home.

---03. This lasts a month, maybe three. Six months if you really stretch it. Then Househusband gets bored.

He notices that no matter how many loads of laundry he does, there are always dirty clothes and more laundry to do.

He notices that as soon as he washes the dishes, someone walks in and uses another one and doesn’t even put it in the sink!!

Wash the floors, and they’re dirty again the very next day.

Comfort the Bent Annas and she’s complaining again tomorrow (won’t she ever be happy?).

Give the kids whatever they want, and they are still crabby and always wanting more, more, more!

Househusband needs a Tylenol!

---04. Househusband remembers the days as a working stiff when he produced phenomenal results. He worked long days and still came home and loved his family. He stunned the guys at work with his expertise and dedication. He rocked at work! Now he does laundry and dishes. Day after day after ever-lovin' day.

---05. Househusband stands in front of the mirror one day, naked. (there, see, I’m still a man, he thinks)

What is the purpose of his life? (is it getting smaller?)

Is his purpose only to do the same mundane work day after day? (no, couldn’t be shrinking...I can still give it to her real good...)

Where is this leading? (it feels smaller!)

---06. Househusband decides he needs to PRODUCE. So he gets to work on a project during the day when he has the house to himself: a project he’s been tossing around in his head for years but never had the time to work on. Maybe it’s renovations on the house. Maybe it’s bodybuilding. Maybe it’s a business idea. Who gives a flip?

---07. Soon, the laundry isn’t done. PU! Stinky! No one can find their socks in the morning! Househusband asks Bent Annas if she can watch the kids a night or two per week and help out with the housework a little so he can pursue his project a little longer (can you say Katyusha rockets launched?).

---08. Househusband is so excited! No problem looking in the mirror now! He feels like a man again. (oops, was he not feeling like a man? hm, wonder why?) He’ll make it up to his Bent Annas once he’s done. She’ll love the results. How could she not?

---09. Working Bent is fed up. This was not the agreement. Now, in order for her man to feel like a man, she has to take on her professional job as well as some degree of the Househusband’s job. Oh well, that’s ok! Women are better at multi-tasking anyway!

---10. Besides, she loves him, and she knows he “needs” this, so she swallows her frustration and gives him what he "needs". It’s ok. She didn’t really have the energy to workout anyway, and there’s nothing good on TV, so she can give up the evenings to take care of the kids and do a little housework to help out her NICE, EMOTIONAL, SINCERE, SEXY, SENSITIVE, FUNNY, FAITHFUL, LOVING, GOOD COOKING, KID-LOVING, CLEAN, COUSCOUS-FIXING, TEA-BREWING, AND LAMB-AND-OLIVE-TAGINE-PREPARING man. She’s a lucky woman to have such a man!

---11. Let’s switch gears and take a minute to see who’s at the pool, the park and the gym with Househusband. Oh, look! It’s HOTTIE NEIGHBOR from across the street!

She has kids exactly the same age as Househusband (not to mention a tight A$$ and flat tummy!)!

HOTTIE NEIGHBOR and Househusband are becoming good friends. They know they are there for each other in case the other can’t be there when the bus brings the kids from school.

They know each other’s Starbucks ($3.99!) preference (VANILLA LATTE for her, MOCHA LATTE for him!...oops, that makes $7.98!), and often will surprise each other with a thoughtful cup of joe!

HOTTIE NEIGHBOR is so sweet, she encourages Househusband in his project, and gives him tips on how to get out grass and chocolate stains!

Don’t think Working Bent doesn’t notice (can you say, Fajr-3 on route?).

---12. In the meantime, the lovely Bent Annas is and has been getting up each morning, showering, doing her hair, putting on her “face” (this is woman-code for MAKE-UP: TONE NEUTRALIZER, CONCEALER, FOUNDATION, LIPLINER, LIPSTICK, BLUSH, EYELINER, MASCARA, EYESHADOW AND BROWLINER), and selecting and donning professional clothes...why? Well because any work that a woman does to support her children AND a husband (especially one with a crippling Starbucks habit!) is guaranteed to have to look “professional” in order to get and keep her job and/or clients.

---13. Let’s not forget the tweezing, the shaving and the waxing, all designed to create the “I’m a professional not a farmer” look as well as try to keep Househusband enjoying her smooth skin rather than HOTTIE NEIGHBOR’s!

---14. Working Bent is also dealing with GENDER BIAS and possibly even SEXUAL HARRASSMENT at work. Now she has to decide if she wants to make a stink about these issues and risk losing clients or being next on the list for “downsizing,” or to just sit tight and deal with it on her own.

---15. It’s a good thing she can count on her Ould Annas to be supportive. He (SO KIND!) listens to her problem and strokes her head. Then he (WHAT A MAN!) tells her how funny it is that women complain about such things, and informs her that if it was a man who was being SEXUALLY HARRASSED or faced GENDER BIAS, he would be laughed off the workforce if he didn’t just SUCK IT UP and GET ON WITH THE WORK (oh, can you say Fajr-3 is airborne?).

---16. Househusband has noticed that his lovely Bent Annas is getting a little wide around the hips and soft in the belly. Not attractive. She should try to look more like...oh, say, HOTTIE NEIGHBOR, with that tight round A$$ and flat tummy. (hm, I wonder where this friendship is going to go...?)

Househusband considers suggesting to Working Bent that she workout on her lunch break....she should appreciate his concern...right? (can you say, Zelzal 1 launched?)

---17. You know what else? Desperate Househusband hears Bent Annas complaining a lot lately! She’s not nearly as fun and supportive as Hottie Neighbor and the other stay-at-home moms in the neighborhood. Bent Annas needs to be more appreciative: does she know how many jerks there are out there? She should be thankful that she has such a NICE, EMOTIONAL, SINCERE, SEXY, SENSITIVE, FUNNY, FAITHFUL, LOVING, GOOD COOKING, KID-LOVING, CLEAN, COUSCOUS-FIXING, TEA-BREWING, AND LAMB-AND-OLIVE-TAGINE-PREPARING man.

Househusband thinks he should tell her to loosen up and be less of a downer (can you say, incoming Zelzal 2?).

---18. Desperate Househusband talks it over with his girlfriends in the neighborhood. They suggest that he talk to his beautiful Bent Annas about his concerns. So he decides to tell her that he took his girlfriends’ advice to talk to her, and that she really needs to be more appreciative of him and take better care of herself physically...



---19. Oh happy day!

With love and affection,

[email protected] : Wow you guys are still going at this subject. I guess, i`m doing the same. May be we all need a second job, or Bent a Nass/Wald a Nass. Either or. We all have different criteria for Bent a Nass/Wald a Nass. You guys talked about some of them, but i don`t think i read about a religious Bent a Nass/Wald a Nass. What!! that`s not important any more?. I guess for me when time comes, i`m ganna take her mom for a week long trip, and see what she`s made of. Because that`s exactly what Bent a Nass ganna look like 25 years down the road, give or take, if you put the botax aside.
Mon ami Wafinuser, that School Bus driver may be Bent a nass too. And enough of the Starbucks &*@#, j`aime mon caffee 1/2 1/2 b 7DH.
Wald a Nass with all the 'good' criteria that you may think of, i mean everything from A to Z or if you follow the keyboard from Q to M. LOL
Folano : Hi Everybody,

Thanks Mohamed for bringing the subject, and thanks to all wafiners who posted their comments that brought new ideas. Lots of “ink” and words have been used to talk about love and definitions vary depending on so many things. As in my opinion Love with a capital L is about GIVING, including the romantic love. It’s undeniable that we feel good about receiving love as well, but still love is about giving, that’s which makes a human being great and noble, and less demanding, less selfish, less dependant, less controlling and less manipulator and therefore less miserable. The matter of love is almost a matter of life. And it’s when we have expectations (or at least a LOT of expectations) and conditions, that we put ourselves in the hands of emotional misery. In the other hand let’s not confuse love with attraction. Attraction is important but it represents only the first step in building love. Attraction is personal as well as its criteria, that’s why I disagree with the person who wrote that Moroccans like pale-skin women. It is absolutely not true. Some Moroccans like light skin woman and men but others like dark skin(some like them equally). Some like strong bodies others like slender bodies (some like them both), some like religious people others like secular people (although we all may need some spiritual consciousness in our lives), some put the possibility of having kids in their equation, others no, and so on…Maybe the only common point about Moroccans that they share by the way with the rest of the planet, is that they are attracted to beautiful people, Who doesn’t? And even beauty is subjective in itself, and therefore I completely embrace the expression: “I don’t love you because you are attractive; you are attractive because I love you”. Love is about sharing also, sharing the same road through life, which doesn’t mean that we have to stick to each other 24h/7days. Everybody has his or her own journey in life independently of his/her partner.
But what about love and suffering? Can we live the whole life loving without a risk of suffering as well? The song tells us: “Love is a burning thing, and it makes a firing ring, bound by wild desire, I felt in a ring of fire, and it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire, the ring of fire…” or as the French sing: Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux (There’s no happy love story), or the the Morocans “el warda, el warda, wal warda men chouka” (the rose, the beautiful rose, but the rose is surrounded by thorns). For this reason, I think that Love is not sufficient to make you happy, it’s how you think and behave that make you close to be happy. Finally, Love change as human beings change as well. Don’t take it for granted, love can fade with time, unless you nurture it, you feed it, you give it patiently and continuously Life. Did I mention Giving, again?
Love is like a seed, it needs time and "water" to grow.

Peace and LOVE!
wafinuser : Silent Love!

This is an interview I had with my Bent Annas:

WAFINUSER: I love you!

BENT ANNAS: Oh my god! I have not heard those 3 words for a long time! Do you really mean it?

WAFINUSER: Well, honey! I mean it because I do not say it that often.

BENT ANNAS: What does that mean?

WAFINUSER: Well, I hear people saying “I love you” 24/7! They hug a dog and say “I love you”! They kiss a rat and say “I love you”. They end a phone conversation with “I love you”!

BENT ANNAS: And what’s wrong with that?

WAFINUSER: Well, I am starting to think whether they actually know what those 3 words mean. Do they just say it because it’s a politically correct thing to say? Do men say it in order for the woman to shut the fuc$ up and not bother the man?

BENT ANNAS: Hey come on! People want to be loved!

WAFINUSER: My Bibitcha! Think with me here! 52% of American marriages end up in divorce. Every freaking marriage starts with “I love you” and ends with “I hate you”. For Allah’s sake, why do you, ladies, want to hear these 3 freaking words all the time. We, men, are tired of saying “I love you” so that you do not get pissed off at us. When we got married, we said “I love you”, we meant it, and that should be the end of it.

BENT ANNAS: Well, we, women, need to feel loved, wanted, appreciated, pampered, and recognized for all the sacrifices we do.

WAFINUSER: Baby, do not make me throw up! We appreciate what you do! Our love is more than just those uttered 3 words [“I love you”]. Your parents are old and they still live with each other after 55 years of marriage. Now, come on, that’s love right there! When is the last time you heard your dad say to his Bibitcha: “I love you”?

BENT ANNAS: Well, my mom and dad are from another generation. Back then, people had arranged marriages, had kids, lived together, and shared life’s joys and sadness.

WAFINUSER: Are you telling me that our parents do not know what love is?

BENT ANNAS: I am not saying that. I am just saying that back then, people were not used to saying “I love you” in public. Maybe they said it in private.

WAFINUSER: Well, when you lived with your parents, how many times did you hear your mom say “I love you” to your dad? And how many times did you hear your dad say “I love you” to your mom?

BENT ANNAS: Never. Their love was silent. They just spend their time dealing with the daily obstacles, from money issues, to school for the kids, Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, hospitalizations, rent, etc…

WAFINUSER: What do you mean their love was silent? Was their entire marriage taken over by being busy with the kids and the daily life issues? How about time for themselves?

BENT ANNAS: You mean being alone together?

WAFINUSER: Yes! Did your dad take your mom on a date? Did he ever bring her flowers? How about chocolate?

BENT ANNAS: You are funny! Moroccan husbands and wives do not have time for that kind of stuff!

WAFINUSER: So, how the hell are we supposed to know how to reconcile that kind of lifestyle with the western lifestyle?

BENT ANNAS: Well, we live in a different time. We have Valentine ’s Day, Sweet’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Dog’s day? Gay Day? Lesbian Day? etc…and all of these holidays help remind us to love and appreciate our husbands, wives, and partners.

WAFINUSER: Baby, cut the crap! When is the last time you took me out for Valentine’s Day? Sweet’s Day? Heck! When is the last time you bought me flowers? Chocolate? It’s always me who makes reservations for nice restaurants,, and Strawberry filled chocolate! I feel so unloved! You do not love me!

BENT ANNAS: I love you baby!

WAFINUSER: No you don’t! You are just saying it because you feel guilty now!

BENT ANNAS: Are you mad at me?


BENT ANNAS: Please baby don’t do that to me! You are going to make me cry now! What can I do to help?

WAFINUSER: Are you wearing Victoria Secret?

BENT ANNAS: Yes! It’s the red one! Your favorite!

WAFINUSER: Ooh baby! Let’s do our Salat Al-Eishaa first! I am still holding my Wuduu!

BENT ANNAS: Hey! You know I love you too?

WAFINUSER: We’ll talk about it after sex! I mean Salat Al-Eishaa! Sorry!


[email protected]
wafinuser : Dear ssunshine,

1. I am glad I put a smile on your face. You deserve one!

2. BTW, do you want me to kick Dr. Keith’s as$ for giving you a hard time?

3. You seem to be afraid of getting into a marriage relationship. What’s holding you back? Previous bad experiences?

Dear kwoolr,

1. Yes I do have a brother! He’s in Montreal, Canada! I think he’s gay, but I am not 100% sure! [Just kidding!].

2. In light of what “sakina” wrote, how do you envision yourself with a house husband?

3. What do you expect out of that kind of relationship?

Dear sakina,

1. Yes I do need a hug! It feels good!

2. Thanks for your great inputs. I enjoyed reading your comments! I laughed very hard!

3. What can I say, attraction leads to love, love leads to other attractions, house husbands and house wives have one thing in common” Iblis or Satan. We need to kick Satan’s as$!


[email protected]
access : Wafinuser -- your comments are very, very, very funny, but alas so true. So many American women are spoiling the Moroccan man. I know quite a few Moroccan men who are married to American women and are stay at home husbands. And, they love it and brag about it. From what I have heard the man feels needed and appreciated when a wife is earning the dough, and paying the bills.
ssunshine : WU,

Deception after deception, turned off the appetite of being with someone.
kwoolr :  I just want him to help me with house work and cook Moroccan every night. That would be worth thousands a month. I can go make money and he can help me with the house. I am tired of doing it all alone
ssunshine : kwoolr,

Is that all you want?

Why don't you get a maid then?

wafinuser : Dear ssunshine,

You said: "Deception after deception, turned off the appetite of being with someone."

1. Are you planning on staying solo for the rest of your life?

2. Remember what they say: "The biological clock stops ticking around 35 years old"

3. Don't you feel some pressure to "conform" to the norms of society and its expectations?

4. Hey, think about what I said before: Go to a doctor, use one of your eggs, go through the selection process of a sperm, and have a baby that way! If you end up with a boy, teach him not to be deceptive to women. If it's a girl, well, teach her to start conserving her own eggs as soon as biologically possible.

5. Aaaah! Relationships! Why did Eve have to screw up like that? A few bad apples spoil it for the rest of us!

Have a good weekend!


[email protected]
kwoolr : ssunshine

I don't want a maid. I want a mini van guy like wafin user
ssunshine : Kwoolr,

Check the gas mileage of the "mini" van first!


Thanks for your valuable advices. Carrying a solo life is so great! No pressure or whatsoever.


kwoolr : That is so funny.

They have an expression. Beware Greeks bearing gifts.

I have not figured out that analogy.

Ok here is my day

( or why wafinuser doesnt sound like a bad deal)

600 wake up son
610 ask 11 year old to get in the shower
630 turn off the x box
645 make breakfast
700 ask son if he finished getting dressed
730 pat down book bag looking for homework
735 baby wakes up
737 baby gets breakfast
745 turn off xbox and fill out field trip form
800 sign detention form for son for climbing on the roof at school
830 turn off elmo, get Zahra her bath
835 son leaves for bus stop
900 Zahra and Mommy leave for daycare
915 get gas
920 stop at bank
945 pick up football uniform
1000 get to office, find out my customer left her husband and wants her deposit back
1015 phone rings customer from 2 years ago is in foreclosure
1030 get in car to drop off papers and the school is calling from zahra
1100 call dr take baby to appointment at Drs
1230 go with baby back to work to pick up my papers
100 fill prescription at the pharmacy
200 put baby down for a nap, she throws up all over me
245 finally get her cleaned up
330 son arrives home needs poster boards for a project and tickets for the dance
400 piano teacher arrives
400 t0 600 do three loads of laundry
600 make dinner
645 to 700 clean up food all over the floor underneath the high chair
700 to 800 help son with homework, give baby a bath and field a call from my mom complaining about my lazy brother
830 make son take bath
900 colllapse in a heap on my bed

What social life?

Take the car keys

I need some tagine

Love Kathleen
NISRINA : Don't worry Ssunchine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Men are just scare to be with a succesfull women.

NOTE: well done Mohamed
mamsell : comment!
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