Feb 6, 2016
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Nidal Ibourk  [ July, 2010 ]
Nidal Ibourk Nidal Ibourk is a virtuous singer and a multi-talented artist based in Chicago. Nidal was born and raised in Morocco and moved to the U.S. to continue her postgraduate studies. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development.
Nidal has always enchanted artists and music professionals with her highly artistic abilities. Her talent was highly recognized by numerous Arab celebrities in a music TV show in Lebanon “Star Search” where she reached the semi-finals. The show was aired live on MBC channel in 2004. During her residence in Beirut, Nidal got the chance to perform with the famous singer Haifa Wehbe and reached a wide popularity in the Arab world.
Nidal has performed in many Arabic and international venues with well-known Arab-American artists and music ensembles in the U.S. such as Simon Shaheen, the Middle Eastern Music Ensemble at the University of Chicago (2009), Chicago Arabesque Festival (2009), the Arab World Festival (2009) and the Chicago Cultural Center (2009-2010). She was recently featured on Vocalo radio station in Chicago. Her interview highlighted her education, music, and background as an international artist in the U.S.
Currently, Nidal is acting in a play that will be featured in many universities and cultural institutions in the Chicago area. Nidal will be representing Morocco at the Arab International Festival in Detroit, MI in June. She is also scheduled to perform at the World Music Festival in Chicago, IL. Join her on facebook to know more about her upcoming concerts.

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